Today we are reporting SW Florida single family daily inventory levels down 23.66% since Dec 8th, 2021. In roughly two short months we’ve managed to whittle down single-family inventory by 332 homes in Lee County. Back in December inventory stood at 1,403 homes and today it stands at 1,071.

Daily Inventory Levels Down 23.66% Since Dec 8

Sellers can attract multiple offers if their home is marketed correctly and choose from an array of buyers.  Buyers on the other hand are increasingly frustrated by the lack of inventory. They must compete with other buyers for fewer opportunities.

Dare to be Different

At the Ellis Team at Keller Williams Realty we work a bit differently than most Realtors.  This is why we are able to get our buyers into homes in an increasingly frustrating market. We are also able to get our sellers Top Dollar because we study the market in greater detail.

In a tense, stressful market it pays to work with a team that has been through changing markets before and knows how to operate.  The average Realtor has only been through one cycle. Therefore they do not understand what it truly takes to succeed for their clients in a rapidly changing market.

When the market makes a move, you must spot it quickly.  Our team is working the MLS every day and we track numbers religiously. When the market makes a move, we want our clients to know first.  Speed wins in this market.  You cannot tell where the market is going unless you know where it has been and where it is this minute.

We hope you appreciate us letting you in on some of the statistics we track and what indicators we look at when we give advice to or clients. We appreciate that so many Realtors read our column and share with their clients as well.  You do not want to be caught with week old data in a changing market. Unfortunately, we write this column on Monday or Tuesday before it prints on Saturday so it is the best we can do for readers.

Best Information Wins!

If you are in the market to buy or sell, you will want to call us for the timeliest information available.  We are listing properties one week, and by the time professional photos are taken and the home is ready for MLS we are adjusting. We have added tens of thousands of dollars to our sellers’ pockets by having up to date info on the market.

If we did a market analysis for you several months ago and you are thinking of selling, we need to talk again and update that price for you.  Chances are your home has gone up in value significantly, and the new data may affect your decision.

2nd Opinion

If you have consulted with another Realtor and did not like their opinion, perhaps it is time for a second opinion.  This offer is not an attempt to solicit a listing from any currently listed homeowner. We are simply saying your home may be worth more than you realize.

Our team has had great success already this year bringing several homes to market and getting Top Dollar. It is not uncommon to sell our listings above appraisal value. Buyers will pay above appraisal value even if they are getting a mortgage, and we can show you how.

If you are considering selling if the price is right, call Sande or Brett Ellis today 239-310-6500. We are experts at getting your home sold fast and for Top Dollar. Perhaps this is why the Ellis Team has been voted Best in Real Estate by News Press readers for 7 years in a row.

You can always use our online property value tool at or search the MLS at To get the timeliest information on what the market is doing and how to capitalize, give Sande or Brett a call 239-310-6500.


Good luck and Happy Selling!

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