As you may have heard, the real estate market is hot.  Interest rates are low and there is heavy demand for homes.  The challenge is there is not enough listed homes for sale for all the buyers looking.

Ask You a Favor

In fact, we are working with a number of buyers that we are struggling to find homes for.  So here is the favor. Who do you know that may be thinking of moving in the next 30-90 days?

Could you introduce us?  We may have a buyer willing to pay top dollar for their home.  Our marketing is working as we are finding buyers from all over the country looking to purchase in SW Florida.

Feel free to call us 239-310-6500 or email me with their name and phone number. We will be sure to take great care of them.  And if you do not know of anyone now, please keep your ears open.

Listing inventory is down 65.9% from last year. We reported last week home sale prices are up 38.7% over last year.  What a perfect time to be a seller!  We love showing graphs.  If you were a seller, you could not draw a more favorable graph.

The question we always get is how long will this market last?  We do not see this market changing anytime soon.  We feel sellers will be on solid ground for a while.  As America gets back to work the economy should continue to improve.  The real question will be where do interest rates go from here? There is much debate about inflation and whether it is permanent or transitory.  There is little debate that it is real and here now.  Interest rates have risen.  Typically rising rates are headwinds to the real estate market, but rates are still low compared to previous booms.  The thinking is we have some room left for more price gains.

Some sellers are truly not aware of what their property is worth.  When they find out, their motivation to move increases.  Typically, people stay in their home 5-7 years, but in SW Florida many homeowners have stayed much longer than that.  They have stayed because the value was not there to make them move.  When you sit in a property so long, you kind of give up on the idea and forget to track changing values.

Our website gives an instant value, and it tracks the changes.  Every 30 days homeowners get an updated value.  It struggles a bit with new properties on the tax roll, so if your home is new it may not give a value until November. Check it out at

We have seen listings rise a bit the last few months.  We believe some sellers held off putting their home on the market due to Covid.  As life returns to normal, more sellers may take advantage of this seller’s market.  That is a good thing because sellers are receiving Top Dollar and buyers are finding homes to live in.

We need more sellers though.  So back to the favor.  Please call us with your friends and neighbors who are considering selling.  We can get them top dollar and help some of these buyers get into homes that desperately need to.  Buyers will not be desperate forever and the tide will turn.  It is always more fun to sell in a seller’s market than a buyer’s market.

Always Call the Ellis Team at Keller Williams Realty.  We thank you for voting us the top real estate team in SW Florida for 6 straight years.  Please vote for us again this year in the News Press Readers poll.

Enjoy the 4th of July.  America really is the greatest country on earth.

Good luck and Happy Buying and Selling!

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