This is not the official notes from the meeting:

It was determined that they had a quorum.  Meeting was held.  All ammendments failed due to lacking the 66.66% needed for approval, although many of the ammendments received over 470 votes which was pretty impressive to even get that many votes.

Annual meeting was adjourned and the Board meeting was convened.

Board voted to impose a $500 assessment, or add approximately $90/mo increase in HOA fees per month for approximately 6 months to cover cost of new gate system at each entrance.  Gates would be swinging gates and of the highest quality.

There was discussion from two board members that a survey was only conducted on the two main entrances and not on every entrance in the community.  Another board member pointed out that while he wish the survey was all-inclusive, it’s been three long years with broken gates and construction type gates that were never intended for resident use and it’s been long enough.  The other Board members were generally in favor of the gates after weighing all issues including not being able to enclose enitre subdivision because of commercial property and Promenade apartments.

There was much discussion from audience, with mixed resluts.  While not scientific, most seemed to want gates that work.  Disagreements were of the type and locations, while a select few didn’t want any at all.  Discussion was lively and for the most part polite.

Gates will include a fast bar to prevent hitting gates or sneaking in, and will utilize a key card system ttransponer, and vendor codes along with a telephone unit to call homeowners at their home.

Walk-in gates will include a key card system to prevent pedestrians from entering community.  It was noted that no system is fool-proof.  If a thief wants to beat the system, they will.  They were careful not to call it a security gate, rather a traffic control gate.

Reflection Lakes annual meeting will be April 11th at the clubhouse at 5:30  A number of important issues will be discussed and voted on.  At issue will be changing the number to reach a quorum, generator use, leases, signs, gates, voting rights and more.  Be sure to attend or send someone with your proxy.

NEXT MEETING: ANNUAL MEETING–April 10, 2006, 6:30 PM at the offices of Hayden & Associates–8359 Beacon Blvd. Protocol discussed on how it will be set up & run. There will be a list available of delinquent assessment homeowners who will not be permitted to take part. Everyone will sign in and indicate if they would like to take the floor to address the BOD.

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