The Agent You Choose to Sell Your Home Could Cost You Thousands

Most people like a good deal, so it’s quite natural to assume that the company that charges the least for a service will maximize your profit.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. The agent you choose to sell your home could cost you thousands. This is the time of year when locals who have … [Read more…]

Did the Dates for Season Change This Year?

Traffic on the roads has slowed down in town, but traffic in the real estate community hasn’t.  We’ve listed some homes and had contracts on them in short time. So we asked the question, did the dates for season change this year? Last week two deals fells out and I was kind of mad because … [Read more…]

Why Now May be Best Time to Sell Your SW Florida Home

Now May be Best Time to Sell Your SW Florida Home Most people in SW Florida realize the real estate market has been recovering for some time now.  So many either lost their homes or felt like they were in prison trapped in their own homes because they had negative equity.  For the past two … [Read more…]