Today we’re focusing on Lee County duplex search results. We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from buyers looking to buy a duplex and live in one side and rent out the other. This makes a lot of sense right now with rising rates. Why not let a tenant help you pay for the mortgage, and help qualify for the mortgage?

Lee County Duplex Search Results

Last week’s article “Cape Coral Gulf Access Homes for $500,000 or less” was so popular we decided to keep it going. Many of you reached out or registered on the website to search for homes, obtain neighborhood market reports, or get your current home’s value.  We are glad you loved the information.

Lee County Duplex Search Results

 Currently 139 duplexes are on the market. They range in price from $149,900 all the way up to $3.995 million. Of course, I had to check out the $3.995 million duplex. It is located on Captiva right on the beach. It is gorgeous. I could see myself living there. Are there any tenants out there that would like to rent one side so I could live my dream and you help me pay for it?

Seriously, buying a duplex can be a smart decision for some, and many are looking into it. You must be careful though and make sure both sides are included. I’m looking through some of the listings and it appears some are listed with only one side included. While the building may be a duplex, the ownership might not be.

To see this search for yourself, go to and look for Fun Searches on the right side of page. We just added Lee County Duplex search this week. Keep in mind, you can search Collier County, Charlotte County, and many other areas in Florida. This website is powerful and has access to more than just Lee County listings.

Saved Searches

 You can also create and save your own searches. Perhaps you have no interest in duplexes or waterfront homes. Maybe golf is your thing. You can create your own search, and our system will find it if it’s out there. Additionally, it will email you when new properties enter the market that match your criteria, so you’ll be the first to know. Just search away. Be sure to save your search if you see properties you like. Or favorite a property to keep track of it. Buyers like to know if a favorite property goes pending, when it sells, or if it has a price reduction. This technology will do all of that.

You can have an unlimited number of saved searches. For instance, I could set up a saved search for duplexes in one area of town and single-family homes in another. Perhaps I want to buy a larger home for me in one price range and a smaller condo for my parents, or children. There is no limit to the various searches you can set up.

We have access to every field in the MLS, so if you want to drill down even further, we can help you with that. Just give us a call.

Market Report

 Perhaps you live in a current neighborhood or have an interest in one. You might be interested in our market report page. www.  This page has access to sold listings and photos. No other website we know of has all this.

Home Value Report

 How would you like to know your home’s current value? Our website will tell you. The best part is it will email you your updated value every month.

Simply go to and put in your address. It’s fast, free, and fun to watch over time.

Of course, We’re here to talk to. All this technology is great, but we love helping and talking to people, so give Sande or Brett Ellis a call at 239-310-6500. Good luck, and happy shopping!

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