Today we’re focusing on what Cape Coral gulf access homes for sale $500,000 or less gets you. We love to showcase what you can buy in various price ranges and locations. As of today, the Ellis Team doesn’t have any listings here right now, so we’re not promoting any of our listings. This is for information and fun only.

Cape Coral Gulf Access Homes

Cape Coral Gulf Access Homes

 Currently there are 10 listings in the Cape Coral area that provide gulf access and are priced $500,000 or less. There were 11 when we started writing the article, and it changed to 10 by the time we finished earlier this week.

We searched in the MLS and our website, Both returned the exact same listings. The lowest priced listing came in at $399,900 and is a 2-bedroom 2 bath home with a pool. There were several listed around $500k which featured more square footage and bedrooms, as you would expect. We even found a 4-bedroom home listed built in 1989.

Not every home listed had a pool, but several did. The cool thing is our website allows you to search like a Realtor, so you can get as granular as you like. The system has advanced search tools which allow even more precision, and a map search as well. Basically, you can put in all the features you want in a home and select a map area and the website will return all listings in the chosen map area that meet your criteria.

Saved Searches

 Our website allows you to save an unlimited number of searches. Searches are different than listings. For instance, I could set up a saved search for condos in one area of town and single-family homes in another. Perhaps I want to buy a single-family home for me in one price range and a smaller home for my parents, or children. There is no limit to the various searches I can set up.

In one step, I can perform the search. Additionally, I can ask the system to email me when new listings enter the market matching the criteria I entered. Perhaps I’m curious about new listings hitting the market in my neighborhood. Or maybe there’s that one house across town I’ve had my eye on for years.

Fun Saved Searches

 For fun, I’ve created a page of saved searches. I will keep adding to this page. It can be found at or go to the top right corner of and find Fun Searches! Currently I have the cape Coral gulf access homes for $500,000 or less.  I’ll be adding golf course searches, Fort Myers searches, Fort Myers Beach Gulf front Homes, downtown homes.

As a user, you can look at my fun searches, or you can create and save your own.  If there are fields you’d like to search on and you don’t see them listed, we can help you create a super-search that has access to every single field in the MLS.

Market Report

 Whether you currently live in a neighborhood, or have your eye on a particular neighborhood, you might be interested in our market report page. www.  This page has access to sold listings and photos, so people really like this page.

Home Value Report

 Lastly, we have a page where you can get your home’s value online for Free. Simply go to and put in your address. It’s fast, free, and fun to watch over time. Every month it will send you your new value.

Obviously, we’d love to talk to you. The computer is no substitute for a well experienced human being. We know not everyone is ready to talk to someone today, so we provide tools to research until you’re ready.

When you’re ready to talk, always call Brett and Sande Ellis at 239-310-6500. Good luck, and happy shopping!

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