Today we want to explore real estate false imprisonment. Back in 2007-2012 we used the term real estate prison because people felt they were in prison in their own home because they were upside down on their mortgage.  The only way out was to short sale, bring a bunch of money to closing, or default and risk foreclosure. Their needs changed but they could not financially get out.

Real Estate False Imprisonment

Get Out of Jail Card

Virtually nobody is in real estate prison today because so many paid cash in the big runup or paid a large down payment because they were competing with other buyers. Additionally. prices appreciated so much and have not fallen like they did back in the 2000’s. Sellers today do not feel like they are a prisoner in their own home because of home values, they feel locked in for another reason. We call it real estate false imprisonment.

So many people financed their home at rates around 3% and they don’t want to give that up. If they were to make a move today, they would trade in that 3%ish rate for something closer to 7% or more. So, many are holding tight.

Waiting For Interest Rates to Change Could Cost You

Last week we talked about how waiting for rates to come down might hurt many home buyers. This is also true for homeowners who feel locked into their existing home. There is a downside to waiting to make a move.

Here is what we do know. A home feels comfortable for you for a period of time. It meets your needs. Then things change in your life, and your homeownership needs change. Some people outgrow their home, others want to downsize when the kids move out, and others need to change locations. Still others get tired of the homeowner life and opt for the carefree condo life. Some try the condo life and love it while others say not me and move back to a single family.

Whatever your needs are, they change over time. Back in the early 2000’s people were locked into their homes due to financial reasons. This isn’t true today.  While it can be uncomfortable living in a home that no longer works for you, many do it. Most do not realize there is a better way. Sellers today have options, and there is more inventory available to move to. When rates were rising, many sellers didn’t pull the trigger because they didn’t know where they would move to. Be sure to read last week’s article “Interest rate Purchase Strategy

New Programs

We literally have new programs now that allow you to purchase another home, so you are not homeless, then sell your existing home. You only make 1 payment on the new home with no payments on the existing home. This gives you time to move into the new home and sell the home that is no longer working for you. You also avoid having 2 payments.

Trusted Advisor

The key is sitting down with an experienced Realtor you trust and going over your options. We perform a needs analysis and identify where we can improve your situation. Our team has resources to help you identify ways to make a move happen for you at the least inconvenience to you, and the least cost. It doesn’t cost anything to sit down with us and discuss your options.

We know what it’s like to sell and buy. We’ve done it ourselves, and we’ve helped thousands of clients just like you do it. Making a move doesn’t have to be hard if you’re working with the right people.

Give the Ellis Team a call. 239-310-6500. Brett and Sande will sit down with you and discuss your needs. Is a move right for you? We won’t know until we talk. For some it is the right move. Some decide to stay put. The decision is yours, and it’s always easier with the right information. We are not here to sell you anything. We enjoy giving people their options. Should you decide a move is right for you, of course we’d be honored to work with you. Don’t let real estate false imprisonment keep you from living in the home that best suits your needs. Or visit to get a quick estimate of your home’s value.

Good luck, and Happy Selling!

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