We are proud to announce a new better way to sell homes has arrived in SW Florida. Brett and Sande Ellis have been training on this new program for months and are excited to bring this to SW Florida.

New Better Way to Sell Homes with 72 Sold

72 Sold is a real estate company in Arizona that burst onto the scene and took over market share. The founder of the company invented a remarkable home selling system selling homes in a 72 hour weekend and for higher prices.

At first glance you might think this sounds like a gimmick. It was my first thought, but fortunately I had heard of the system. Many agents from competing brokerages were wondering how this new company was selling so many homes, and so fast. Some competing agents were flat out complaining because they didn’t understand the system and wondered why they were being beaten out for all these listings.

The founder of 72 Sold was a bit of a revolutionary. He had a desire to make this thing big and take it nationwide, but he needed a little help.

Revolutionary Leader Meets Revolutionary Leader

 Gary Keller has been a bit of a revolutionary leader himself. Gary built the #1 real estate sales organization in America, but he always admired what this little guy in Arizona was doing. This little guy wasn’t so little after a while, so the two leaders talked about taking this nationwide.

Keller Williams and 72 Sold have partnered to bring the 72 Sold system all over. To utilize this system, agents need to be trained and certified. There are a lot of moving pieces, and we can understand why outside agents do not understand it. It is a threat to the traditional way of selling real estate.

Traditional Vs New Better Way to Sell Homes

 This new program has identified two problems in the industry keeping homes from selling fast and for top dollar. 72 Sold provides a 4-step sequence that solves the two major problems that affect sellers. If the market changes, this new system still works because it was built and utilized before the market became hot. In other words, it works in all markets, and especially in changing markets.

Who am I Listing My Home With?

 You are listing your home with the Ellis Team at Keller Williams Realty. Brett and Sande are area program directors for 72 Sold and we are authorized to sell your home this new and better way. We will be using the 72 Sold system as an affiliate partner. You get the best of both worlds. The nation’s #1 selling company combined with this new home selling system that took over the Arizona market. The system has been so good it has been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, Forbes, etc. I’m sure others will be doing stories too.

New better way to sell homes 72 sold certified
72 Sold Certified New Better Way to Sell Homes

You’ll begin to see ads on TV starting next week. The process is simple. Simply call the 72 Sold hotline 239-444-8150 and leave us your name, phone number, and property address. We’ll schedule a time to preview your home for 15 minutes and give you a price. Your home could be sold in one 72-hour weekend and wrapped up in 8 days from A to Z. Brett and Sande will tell you more about the program when we meet or leave you a brochure explaining the program.

After seeing this new program you’ll begin to wonder why anyone would sell the traditional way again. We did a test run on a listing and had similar amazing results. Not that we doubted its success. It was nice to know that we were able to run the program after months of training and it worked.

If you’re considering selling your home, or perhaps tried in the past and it didn’t work out, call Sande or Brett. We look forward to bringing this new better way to sell homes to SW Florida and getting our clients Top Dollar fast.

Good luck and Happy Selling!

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