Are all homes sellable listings in MLS? Technically, the answer is yes. Even hurricane damaged homes can be bought and sold. Practically speaking, many damaged homes will require significant hurdles and obstacles to overcome before they can be sold, unless the buyer is willing to give up several things.

Sellable Listings in MLS


Many insurers refuse to write new coverage without a statement of no loss, a statement of condition, and a new post-hurricane 4-point inspection with photos. Homeowner’s carriers are only writing new policies in flood zones X, B, or C. They are not writing in Flood zones A, AE, AH, or V. You might ask the question, why are homeowners not writing in certain flood zones? Flood and Homeowners insurance are two separate things. The reality is, while they are separate, disputes arise whether water damage was caused by rising water or falling rain caused by wind damage, so they must be steering clear until that is sorted out.

Citizens Insurance may write new policies with damage with exclusions, but so far insurance agents aren’t willing to write those policies.

Currently nobody is writing new flood policies, but there is a way around this. Experienced agents know how to get around this.

Sellable Listings in MLS

Our team knows where the sellable listings in MLS are. It is difficult for the average consumer to know which homes they can buy. In the confidential remarks section of MLS agents must list if the property has damage and if there are open claims. This information does not show up on Zillow or, or any other portals. It takes a lot of time and investigation researching which homes have damage, and which flood zones they are located in.

New Construction

We also have access to new construction homes that are not in MLS yet. This data changes daily. Being a Top Team in Lee County puts us in a direct pipeline with the largest builders. Builders like working with large teams because they know we have experience in getting results after a hurricane and our clients are well informed. They also know we have a large database, so it is cheaper for them to pay us a commission and get deals done than try to market to 100% of their sales. Builders don’t have enough money to market to the entire market. The price a buyer pays is the same whether they use a Realtor or not, so they might as well use an experienced one with some clout.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are headed higher. Buying a home now secures today’s lower rates. When rates eventually come down later, a buyer can refinance. This way you lock in today’s lower rates and have the opportunity to get even lower in the future. It also takes away the uncertainty in the rental market. Landlords are raising rents because they can. The tenant has no control. Or, the landlord may sell the property, leaving the tenant without a renewable lease. Buying gives the tenant control over the cost of their housing.

Buyer Consultation

The process all starts with a buyer consultation. We ask you what your needs are. We can then tailor properties that will meet your needs and are sellable. No sense wasting good inspection money on a property you’ll never be able to finance of get insurance for. Our team listens to your needs. We are not here to sell you anything. Perhaps that is why the Ellis Team at Keller Williams Realty has been voted Best in Real Estate by News Press readers 9 years in a row.

Always call the Ellis Team 239-489-4042 or visit to search online for your next home. If you find something you like, we can talk about if it’s sellable and right for your situation.

Good luck, and Happy House Hunting! Always work with a professional. It matters now more than ever!



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