Many homeowners have no idea how much an agent’s experience matters when selling their home. Home sellers believe all agents do the same thing because they all sound alike. If all agents do the exact same thing, why not select the least expensive agent? It stands to reason the less you pay in commissions and closing costs the more will end up in your pocket, right?

Experience Matters When Selling Your Home

Big Difference in Agents

The truth is there is a big difference in what certain agents do, how they act, negotiate, advertise, and present your home. The result could be a difference in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention keeping the sale together.

We all know some famous attorneys win more cases than the average attorney. This is because they are persuasive, knowledgeable, experienced, and know what to say and when. They also know what not to emphasize to a jury, and they certainly wouldn’t want to make a legal argument that is not applicable in their case, even though they may be very good at that argument.

The same is true in real estate. We watch agents answering objections with their go-to script because they are good at it even when it does not apply.  This tells us they are not listening to the customer, and they do not have enough experience to understand or answer the true objection, so they go with the one thing they know.

I guess if you know one or two things well you will make some sales. The question is, are you truly serving your clients? A seller may be hiring you to sell it for all it is worth. The agent feels great because they sold it in one day in a really hot market. Did the agent sell it, or did the hot market contribute to the one day?

Agents without business or experience will often discount what they charge because they must. They may not be in business next year anyway, so why not make what you can now? This is not necessarily in the best interests of the client, but the seller doesn’t know any better and neither does the agent.

This has been one of the best markets we’ve seen in our lifetime, and it may never come around again. It would be a shame to waste it away with an inexperienced agent who could cost you a sale and net you less than all it’s worth.

Almost always experience matters when selling, and perhaps now more than ever.  We do not have enough space to write about all the ways inexperience can cost you when selling. Obviously negotiating experience matters when selling. Knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. Avoiding key phrases that sound good but only turn a buyer off is another.

What’s Your Definition of Marketing?

Most agents do not market a home. Sure, they stick it on MLS, place a sign on the property, and pray that someone else sells it. By placing home in MLS, it goes out automatically to Zillow,, Trulia, etc.  This is not marketing.  This is the same old thing all agents do because it is free. It does not make your home stand out, and it will not bring you Top Dollar!  If everyone, does it, how does it make your home stand out?

An open house flyer and a Free online open house ad is not marketing. It is an opportunity for an agent to pick up buyers for Free! Paid targeted advertising for open houses is another matter entirely.

Paid advertising is when an agent spends money on your home. Knowing where to spend, how much, and when is critical. Unfortunately, we have thousands of agents whose only experience is taking the first offer or two in a hot market. If that is all you’ve ever known, you don’t know how to extract information to get Top Dollar!

Experience Matters When Selling

Experience matters when selling your SW Florida home. Call Sande or Brett Ellis at 239-310-6500 We’ve both been selling here locally for over 34 years, and we’ve seen a thing or two. We’ve worked in up, down, and sideways markets and know all the right questions. Chances are we have all the right answers. Or visit to get your home’s value online instantly.

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