Most would agree that the people purchasing in our SW Florida market are the ones that need a place to live, looking to buy at heavily discounted prices or looking for a second home.

Within the past several weeks I have been working with various groups of people that are back in the market for another purpose. Long term Real Estate Investors are back in the South West Florida market again. They are buying and buying in qty.

Last weekend i spent an entire day with an investor from the UK showing him the canal systems prior to his South West Florida waterfront purchases. He owns 51 corporations (mostly RE Related) and has 146 Million US dollars that he is now pouring into the Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples market for investment purposes. He says there is an ENORMOUS SALE in SW Florida and I am taking advantage of it! Where else in the world can you buy at such a reduction price? Where else can you buy where this sale is going on and people are still moving into the community?

These investors are back in the market and are the people that have the confidence and have taken the time to do the due diligence for the investment that they are making. They enter a transaction without any emotion, but with pure confidence based on the numbers.

The real estate investors are definitely coming back into the market!

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