Last week we tested a social media experiment.  Our goal was to create a few Facebook Fan Pages for various parts of the SW Florida real estate market and see if we could drive 100 fans to each.  If we could do that, we could signup for Facebook unique URL’s.  We’re happy to report that not only did we hit our goal of 100 fans, we far surpassed it in only a week.  Currently we’re over 400 users on our Ellis Team site, and close to that on others.

The advantage of signing up on one of these pages is that we post timely news pertaining to each area, specific to that geographic location, or in the case of The Ellis Team site, about real estate marketing in general.  We provide discussion boards, Blog posts, nes paper articles, video updates, photos, and much more.

Our new goal is to hit 1,000 users by the end of the month.  Can we do it, who knows?  There’s no magic reason we picked this number, it just sounds fun.  We’ll post the web links here for Facebook users to follow us, and our Twitter addresses too for our Twitter users.

Facebook Pages

Ellis Team at RE/MAX Realty Group currently at 408 Fans

Cape Coral Real Estate                     currently at 244 Fans

SW Florida Real Estate                      currently at 342 Fans

Fort Myers Real Estate                      currently at 280 Fans

Future of Real Estate                        currently at 354 Fans

Twitter Followers can follow us at:

@swfltopagents   Ellis Team

@brettellis_swfl   Brett Ellis

We look forward to connecting with you on many levels.  We still do business the old fashioned way, and we still advertise in traditional methods like newspaper, TV, and radio.  We are however expanding our reach into the Social Media markets to better serve our customers, and we look forward to seeing you online.