Currently we have two types of sellers in today’s real estate market. We will go in depth on both and explain how each outlook can impact both the buyers’ and sellers’ future.

Two types of sellers in today's real estate market

Fearful of Market

These buyers respect the market and analyze facts. They tend to be motivated to get top dollar and do not want to miss this market. They realize the best may be behind us and they get that. Sellers in this category don’t want to be left holding the bag if the market drops further. They have watched inventory more than double since February and on its way to tripling by July at the current pace. These sellers know it is more fun to sell when there are fewer listings to compete with and they do not like that more competition is coming.

Interest rates have risen which has priced many buyers out of their current price range. Suddenly the homes in their new lower price range do not look as attractive as what they looked at before and they lose motivation. Many buyers have checked out and given up on the market at these prices. If they were on the fence with pricing, as many were, rising rates through them over the top.

Want the Price From 3 Months Ago

The second type of buyer wants the prices from 3 months ago, and some say throw in another $30,000 for good measure because those prices back then weren’t quite enough. These sellers lack motivation and want what they want without regard to market conditions. A few of these sellers still might get their price if their home is unique or offers something of value not readily available. Certain waterfront homes, or newer or updated homes might fetch top dollar plus simply because we still have a decent market, and no like kind inventory is competing with them.  As time goes on this will become more difficult once the market catches on and headlines change.

Headlines still compare year over year pricing, but we believe that will change in the coming months. We study both the year over year and the month over month statistics. It is possible we will see the month over month sales start to level off with the rising rates, and later it will show up in the year over year sales.

Because prices went up so much year over year late in 2021 and early 2022, we may not see the trend until many months from now, but the trend can still be there. Therefore, we will be studying the month over month numbers to get a quick blink on what the market is doing in real-time.

We already see inventory rising, less offers per property, and less cash offers. The financial markets are in turmoil, and it has worked its way into the real estate market. Consumers are not confident in the economy, and it is impacting buying decisions.

Thinking of Selling?

If you are thinking of selling, ask yourself which type of seller are you. Do you want to sell sooner before other sellers enter the market, or do you believe the market is still on fire like back in March? Marketing becomes more important in a changing market. When we meet, we can discuss the latest Ellis Team Current Market Index and what that means going forward. Remember, we developed this index that accurately predicts the forward direction of the market before it shows up in the numbers.

We are happy to share this with each of our clients. Call Sande or Brett Ellis 239-310-6500 and we can discuss your options or visit to get an instant value of your property with a confidence score. The higher the confidence score, the more accurate the valuation. If your property receives 85 or better, the system is confident in your number. You can watch your value change each month.

Good luck and Happy Home Selling! And please, vote for us as Best Real Estate Team in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral News Press polls.

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Two Types of Sellers