For months we have been telling you about strong real estate sales and dwindling inventory.  If our local market were a tennis match, we would say advantage Southwest Florida sellers as buyers are scooping up properties faster than new listings are entering the market.

Advantage Southwest Florida Sellers 7 Day market Watch

In the past 7 days 551 homes went pending in Lee County while only 294 new listing came on the market.  This is a daily trend, and it has been happening for months.

If you are a seller, this is a great time to sell.  You have far less competition from other sellers.  In fact, buyers are no longer in competition with the seller, but rather all the other buyers trying to purchase the same property.

Pricing is still key.  Just because it is a seller’s market does not mean buyers will overpay.  Of course, the bank appraiser will also have a say in it too.  The other way to look at it is this way.  Why would you want to overprice a home and miss one of the greatest opportunities in years?  While we expect the real estate market to do well into the future, you may not have inventory levels this low again.

Advantage Southwest Florida Sellers

Advantage Southwest Florida Sellers Months Supply of Inventory

No matter the market, we always see sellers that miss the market.  When it’s going well, they overprice it and expect the market to catch them.  When it’s on the way down, some sellers chase he market down and never quite get there, so it sits.  If they do have to sell, it can cost them.

We like to sit down with sellers and discuss their options.  We can discuss proper pricing strategies along with how our marketing is reaching out of town buyers.  What do you do when there are layoffs in town?  You go find buyers out of town, and our marketing is doing that.

Targeted Online Real Estate Advertising

For instance, last weekend we ran an online ad.  We had signups from 8 local buyers, and from 35 out of state buyers.  Add that to the 20 open house attendees and we created 63 interested parties in one weekend.  It is no wonder we are close to selling that home at the time this article is written.

Marketing must be geared to where the buyers are, and you need a Realtor who thinks out of the box to reach those buyers.  There are lots of buyers in SW Florida.  You just have to know how to reach them.  There are lots of buyers nationwide.  We know how to reach them.

Brett and Sande have the data to help you make the best decision for your family.  We do not like to under-price a home.  You do not need to in this market.  We can show you how to get Top Dollar.  If you have more buyers and more offers, you have a greater chance at top dollar.

When you overprice your home, you may get little to no offers, and that would be sad.  If you’re wondering what you’re home is worth and just want a quick analysis, you can go to  It will tell you instantly what your home is worth and how confident the value is.  You can then call Sande or Brett and we will tell you if we agree.  239-489-4042 Ext 4 

This weekend is Independence Day.  Enjoy this day, and this weekend, and remember those that fought to make this day possible.  It may also be Independence Day for your home.  You may now have enough equity to make the move you have been wanting to make.

Home values have been on the move.  Inventory is low.  Call Brett or Sande and let us see if a move is in the cards for you!

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