We decided to do an article on why buyers fire real estate agents because it’s been happening more lately. Here are 6 quick reasons.

Why Buyers Fire Real Estate Agents

Why Buyers Fire Real Estate Agents

  1. Buyers don’t feel listened to. Inexperienced agents like to tell buyers things they know based on their limited knowledge, or things they think the buyer should know. The true art of selling real estate comes when you are confident that you can answer any question the buyer might have, and you ask them things about the buyer. Buyers feel listened to and feel that the agent cares.
  2. Agent is too busy-some agents don’t want to waste time with buyers because not all buyers buy, and they just drive them around for days burning gas. Some agents hand the buyers a list of homes so they can drive through neighborhoods and whittle down the list. Invariably, the buyer ends up working with another agent after driving around.
  3. Buyer price range unrealistic-The agent may feel they cannot help the buyer because the buyer’s requests are unrealistic, so they blow off the buyer. I cannot tell you how many homes we have sold to buyers who later changed their criteria after learning the market. You must let buyers self-discover the market. Of course they don’t know the market when they come here. Often we find they will up their price range or delete some of their requested features once they learn.
  4. The average agent has been in business less than 5 years. They begin to hear an objection from buyers a few times, so they begin to believe all buyers have that same objection. Subconsciously the agent loses motivation because they feel like nobody wants to buy. A common objection buyers say today is they will wait for prices to come down. An experienced agent can point out that even if prices come down higher interest rates will cost the buyer more by waiting. It takes an agent with listening skills and experience with calculating rate scenarios to overcome this objection. It is absolutely in the buyer’s best interest to find a more experienced agent to help them. Until they do, they will keep shopping for agents. The sad thing is, the longer it takes them to find a good agent the more it costs them.
  5. Buyers lose confidence in their agent. Perhaps the agent cannot answer insurance questions or explain the mortgage process. Some agents have a difficult time explaining the contract or knowing what terms the seller might be looking for. Inexperience manifests itself in many ways, and almost all cost the buyer money or the deal. It’s no fun missing out on a home you love or paying for things you don’t need to.
  6. Agents fails to set the table-buyers often don’t know the process. A good agent should explain the process and walk the buyer through it before they ever look at homes. Finding a home is the easy part. Getting the buyer through the maze of tasks, disclosures, contracts, and approvals can be daunting. The buyer and buyer agent must be on the same page. It is incumbent on the buyer agent to educate the buyer on what it takes to buy a home in SW Florida.

If you are considering buying a home in SW Florida, I would suggest sitting down with an Ellis Team agent who can answer your questions. Don’t just hire the first agent you meet at an open house or elsewhere. Seek out an agent that will listen to you and educate you. A good agent won’t ell you anything, rather they will present you with your options.

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