The past few weeks we’ve released data on the SW Florida real estate market showing a pretty healthy market. We have noticed a shift in buyer attitudes the past several weeks and those can be a blip on the map or the start of a trend. Late Season always provides the answers to that, so we won’t be able to track for several more weeks.

Real Estate Inventory Levels Stable in SW Florida

What we can track among other things is the Months Supply of Inventory. We’ve provided the graph from last year showing the overall single family market at a supply of 5.5 months. Anything less than 6 months is considered a seller’s market. A balanced market is generally a 6-9 months supply of homes on the market.

In 2016 we’re looking at a 5.03 months supply of homes on the market, so it’s more of a seller’s market today than it was last year. Almost all categories improved except for a few. The $400,000-$700,000 market went from 10.89 months last year to 13.95 months this year. The $600k-$1 Million market went up as well, but ever so slightly from 14.12 months to 14.30 months.

Real Estate Inventory Levels Stable in SW Florida January 2015

Real Estate Inventory Levels Stable in SW Florida

Overall we’d say these are pretty stable numbers. Most other price ranges decreased which puts more pressure on buyers. So here’s the takeaway if you’re considering selling in this market.

You should always price your home correctly. That’s a given. And if you’re selling a home in the $300k+ range, you’re looking at supply of inventory over 6 months. If you’re over $400k you’re facing significantly more competition for the same buyers, so it will take longer to sell your home. There are fewer buyers the higher in price you go, and I’m sure this is true in most markets across the US. That’s not rocket science.

What’s amazing this year is how dramatically the chart starts moving right at $400,000. And this year we’re seeing resistance over $300k which may influence the numbers later on in the year.

Keep in mind these data points are good for a specific point in time. It’s like a photo. It shows you what’s happening at a specific moment. A movie however is a series of snapshots over time, or even perhaps real-time if it’s live video. In the trenches we’re seeing buyer reluctance.

It’s kind of like a fishing hole. You go there every day for a few years and it produces results. And the next day seems better than the last, until one day something changes. You get nibbles and bites, but you can’t hook-em like you did the day before. It takes more work, and even then you don’t always get them in the boat. Sometimes they find a way to sneak off your line by the time you reel them in.

Agents today feel like that fisherman where something is up. You’re not sure if it’s the weather or what’s affecting the fish. All you know is the fish are running scared and they’re hard to land.

If you’re a buyer, homes in many price ranges are flying off the shelf. And rates are low, so now is the time to lock down that purchase. As you move higher in price there is more selection.

If you’re a seller, you need the advice of a seasoned expert to guide you through the market. When there is a shift in the market, an expert can be the difference between getting bites and getting the fish in the boat. The Ellis Team can help if you need us. 239-489-4042

You can search the MLS at if you prefer to start online. We have Free market reports too on our site so you can see what’s going on in your neighborhood. When you’re ready to make a move, give us a call. We can go over your options.

Good luck and Happy House Hunting!

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