We have one of the best assistants on our team.  We used to call her our courier, but she’s so much more than that.  Now we just call her Jane of all trades.  She still goes out to our properties, takes photos, measures them, and makes sure everything is in order.  Additionally she calls agents for feedback on our showings, answers our phones, and much more.  She also has a knack for picking up on small details others might miss. She just knows when something isn’t right, and she’s not afraid to ask questions.  She also has the uncanny ability to predict things. The Future is Written.

The Future is Written
Jane Jackson Reading the 2012 Farmer’s Almanac

Over the Years our assistant Jane Jackson has predicted certain events or said I told you so on so many occasions I finally decided to ask her where she’s getting her information.  She said in her blunt and matter of fact voice in a way only Jane Jackson can do “it’s in the Farmer’s Almanac.”

She brought in her copy which showed we’d experience a tropical system in June and another at the end of August.  Well, we had Tropical Storm Debbie in June and Tropical Storm Isaac at the end of August.

Today for the first time in my life I decided to purchase my own Farmer’s Almanac.  It is a slightly different version than Jane’s, but similar nonetheless.  This marks an exciting turning point in my life, an Epiphany if you will.  I’d always heard of the Farmer’s Almanac but was never motivated to purchase one.

Skimming through it this morning I notice it predicts a drier than normal summer up North.  I looked at the Midwest and it says warmer and drier.  That pretty much sums up the drought they’re experiencing.  For Florida it shows a cooler and wetter summer, which I would agree with as for much of the summer we barely cracked 90 degrees and we did receive much rain this year.

This book even tells you best days to begin a diet, go camping, have dental work done, quit smoking, and more.  I have no idea how they know, but I think I’ll have fun reading and testing their information.

Admittedly I’ve only had the book a few minutes, but I haven’t come across certain information.  Perhaps it’s in there.  I’d like to know who will win this year’s election.  I’d also like to know if Congress will get serious and actually tackle the debt problem.  Will Congress extend the Debt Forgiveness Act so families in SW Florida who are struggling can afford to sell their home without IRS implications?

Who will win the Super Bowl?  I’d go to Vegas if I find that in the book. The Farmer’s Almanac may be wonderful at prediction weather and certain things and I just wish someone could tell us where our Country is headed.  We do our best to predict the local real estate market, but so much is dependent on other factors like interest rates, jobs, the economy, tourism, weather, and the country’s debt.

I do know last season was a good one, and it seemed temps were colder up North this past year.  Unfortunately the book I just purchased only has weather through October of this year.  For instance, it predicts a cooler and drier Sept and Oct for the Atlantic corridor which is Richmond to Boston.

I suppose I should have checked the new Lee County Library system which is online. http://library.lee-county.com One of the benefits of living in Lee County Florida is the ability to check out and download books online without having to go to the library.  You can check out books for 2 weeks, and there’s never a late fee.  Either way I look forward to reading next year’s almanac.  Perhaps it will tell us how cold it will be next year up North, which is always a good thing for SW Florida.

And now when Jane waltzes in and says we’re in for a major event upcoming we’ll be able to say, “We know, we read it too.”  Until the almanac takes over, we’ll keep bringing our local news and analysis.  We hope it helps.  Good luck and Happy House Hunting!


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