The Ellis Team at RE/MAX Realty Group is proud to announce it is getting back into the Virtual Tour game as a marketing tool for their listings.  We went away from virtual tours for a few years because studies showed providing virtual tours was the #1 way to lose a potential customer on a website.

Viewers quite often would become dizzy watching moving pictures, or waiting for tours to load, and waiting on multiple scenes per home.  Studies showed in the past that viewers would watch 2.1 virtual tours, then leave the site they were using altogether.  Instead, the Ellis Team provided multiple photos on one page so customers could see at a glance if the property was something that interested them, saving them much time and aggravation.

The technology has now changed, and we’re able to provide much needed data at a glance, as well as still and moving pictures that load quickly and do not make people dizzy.  The tours are also visible to Spint PCS Vision mobile phone users.  Sprint users can enter a tour number directly into their phone and the tour will display the photos and information on their phone as they are sitting outside.

In addition to making the tours more friendly to buyers, sellers will also appreciate certain benefits, like weekly charts showing home many times their property was viewed online, a CD of their home after it is closed, and automatic distribution to, Google Base, Yahoo Real Estate Classified, Home Debut, Dupont Regsitry, and more.

Other agents are cutting back in a down market, and the Ellis Team knows this is the time to bump up the marketing to give their listings the added boost to stand out from the crowd.  The online virtual tours are just one more way the Ellis Team is stepping up to get property moving again.

To view the tours, simply go to and click on the Virtual Tours link, or visit the Ellis Team Inventory of Virtual Tours.  Check back daily as we’ll be adding all our listings shortly.

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