Have you heard the old cliche, "There’s always two sides to every story?"  While only a cliche, it certainly rings true in most things in life, and media reporting of the real estate market is no exception.  Each week a different expert; some local and some national, chime in about what they think will happen to the real estate market.

The problem is, such reporting is usually one-sided, and while they quote facts, the facts are carefully selected to promote the same old story, week in and week out.  The real estate market, especially the market we have here in SW Florida is constantly changing, and sometimes at a high rate of speed.  It’s incumbent on the reporting to change with the market and not be attached to the outcome.

It’s less important to be right with your predictions than it is to be current and factual.  Our focus in writing for the News Press will be factual, current, and balanced.  We intend to tell both sides of the story.  We’ll report poistive as well as negative facts, and offer our interpretation as to what they mean.

This balanced reporting should offer both buyers and sellers a fair way to assess their position and motivation in this ever-changing market, and should help everyone benefit.

Being fully informed will help everyone make up their own minds, instead of being forced to make heads or tails from what has been presented.

Our first article tackles the issue of short sales and foreclosures, and whether they will cause further decline in the SW Florida real estate market as some have speculated.  Read this article for yourself, and make up your own mind.

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