Now it really gets fun. We’ve been doing a series of articles on what you can buy at various price points, and today we answer the question, what does $ 1 Million buy in SW Florida real estate market?

We concentrated our search on single family homes but there are some nice condos available in SW Florida in all these prices ranges.  None of the listings presented here today are our listings.  In fact, in all four articles so far, none have been.  We’ve been trying to educate readers on what you can buy, so we’ve hand selected some interesting properties.

What Does $ 1 Million Buy in SW Florida Real Estate Market?

1 Million Buy in SW Florida Real Estate Market
Fort Myers Million Dollar Home

In Fort Myers we found a home listed for just under $1 Million.  It is a large 2 story home with over 4,400 square feet of living area.  It is located between McGregor and the River and this pool just really caught our eye.  There are so many great homes located in this area it was hard to choose.  This is a fairly newer home built in 2007 so it was unique.

1 Million Buy in SW Florida Real Estate Market St James City
St James City Million Dollar Home

We found a home in St James City listed for just under $1 Million as well.  It has 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths and has gulf access with a boat dock right out your back door.  You can be fishing some of the world’s best fishing spots in minutes.  This home is bay front and has 2 boat lifts.

1 Million Buy in SW Florida Real Estate Market Sanibel Island
Sanibel Island Million Dollar Home

Next we head over to Sanibel Island, home to some of the world’s best shelling.  This home is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home and has excellent rental income.  You can enjoy this home for yourself on gorgeous Sanibel Island or you can rent it out and receive close to $70,000 income until you’re ready to call it home.  Or you could do both, renting it out and vacationing here.  It is nicely decorated and is furnished.

1 Million Buy in SW Florida Real Estate Market Cape Coral
Cape Coral Million Dollar View

Lastly we found a home in Cape Coral priced just over $1 Million by a few thousand dollars.  Imagine heading out on your boat in this gulf access waterfront home and when you come back after a great day of fishing or boating you can jump right into your gorgeous pool.  That’s living the good life and what SW Florida is all about.  This home features 4 bedrooms plus a den and 3 full baths.  It is over 3,000 square feet of living area.  If you’d like to rent this home you can for $8,000- $10,000 per month.

They say SW Florida sells itself, and it does.  Once people vacation or visit SW Florida they’re hooked, but where do you go to find more information and snoop around all the homes for sale?

Simply go to and you can search like a Realtor.  The database includes all homes for sale in the MLS and is updated every 5 minutes, so you’ll know about price changes or new listings hitting the market before other buyers.  The key to scoring a great deal is to work with an agent who is knowledgeable about the market and having access to the data.

We provide both for you.  If you have a property to sell, we can help with that too.  Many buyers must sell a property before they can purchase another.  If your property is located in another city, we can find you the best agent in that city.

You can always call us at 239-489-4042 if you’d like to speak with an experienced agent, or search away on our website until you find something that interests you.  Our team is here to help you wherever you are in the process, and on your terms.  Give us a call, you’ll be glad you did.


The Ellis Team at Keller Williams Fort Myers & The Islands is hiring agents– Read more and see if you have what it takes.

A few weeks ago we wrote an article about what $250,000 buys in the SW Florida real estate market. Today we answer the question,

What does $500,000 Buy in Lee County Real Estate Market?

What Does 500,000 Buy in Lee County Real Estate Market
Inventory Active Listings

We use the MLS to do our search but you can do the same and search like a Realtor at and find the same homes.

What does 500,000 buy in Lee County real estate market Carillon Woods
Carillon Woods Pool Home

In Fort Myers we found a home in Carillon Woods listed for $498,000 that is 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths and has a nice pool. The home is nearly 3,200 sq ft of living area and is in a gated community with sidewalks, street lights, tennis courts and playground. Carillon Woods is a very popular neighborhood in this price range.

What Does 500,000 Buy in Lee County Real Estate Market Cape Coral waterfront home
Cape Coral Waterfront Pool Home

In SW Cape Coral we found a gulf access waterfront pool home with 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths and almost 2,500 sq ft living area on a 120 ft canal for $500,000. It has a 3 car garage and is only a few years old. We especially like the infinity pool on this home.

what does 500,000 buy in lee county real estate Fort Myers Beach
Fort Myers Beach waterfront home

At Fort Myers Beach we found a home that is waterfront, completely furnished, and located on a large lot at just under $500,000. It is 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and is located mid-island close to shopping, supermarkets, entertainment, and marina.

Grandezza pool home Estero Florida
Grandezza Pool Home Estero

In Estero we located a 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Grandezza with 2,190 sq ft living area and is a former model for just under $500,000. It has a gorgeous solar heated pool and heated spa and overlooks a preserve.

Again, none of the listings I this article are ours. We just wanted to give you an overview of some of the kinds of things you can find in this price range. Of course, you can find waterfront condos, homes on golf courses, and so much more. Lee County is fairly large and has lots to offer with varying neighborhoods, locations, and amenities.

Because our area offers so many different types of boating, golf communities, and neighborhoods with lakes, preserves, and varying lifestyles it pays to sit down with an agent that’s familiar with the entire county and can listen to your wants and desires.

At the Ellis Team we feel like we don’t have to sell anything. Rather, we listen to your needs and match you with properties that meet what you’re looking for. Some agents specialize in one neighborhood or one amenity and they struggle when people ask about other areas. Many times that buyer will come back to the original community they called on, but they want an agent who can explain the differences first so they can see if that’s really what they’re looking for. If you can’t be flexible and in curiosity when working with a buyer, chances are you’ll just lose them to another agent who can.

That’s one reason why we provide all the listings on our website along with so much community data and market reports. We want buyers to feel comfortable with their purchase. It’s a big decision and some buyers are paralyzed because there is so much data and they’re afraid to make a mistake. This is where a good team can assist you. We marry the data with personal, professional advice to help you attain your dreams, and that’s all a buyer is trying to do.

We take the hassle out of the buying process. If you’re a seller, you should talk to us too as we work with a lot of buyers, and chances are we may have a buyer looking for a property just like yours. If not, our marketing will surely attract attention for your home.

You can always call us at 239-489-4042 or search away at

Good luck and Happy House Hunting!

Viridian pool home South Fort Myers

Pool home in Viridian in South Fort Myers- 4 Bedrooms 4 Baths

The Ellis Team has several new listings coming to the market.  We have a 4 bedroom lakefront home coming for $450,000 in Reflection Lakes.  We have a gorgeous home in San Carlos Park on a 3 lot site coming this upcoming week for $215,000.  We also have 2 units at Bella Casa coming this week as well, and don’t forget the 2 new listings we just listed at River Hall for $275,000 and $215,000

We’ll have a few more listings coming as well as soon as we can get them ready.  If you’re a buyer, call us as we may be listing exactly what you’re looking for.

Google Street View of Ellis Team – Keller Williams Fort Myers & The Islands office

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A lot of people ask what they can buy at certain price ranges in the SW Florida real estate market, so today we thought we’d pick a price range and report on that.  We answer the question, “What does $250,000 buy in Lee County real estate market?”

We logged into MLS but you can do the same at and search like Realtors do and find the same information.

What Does $250,000 Buy in Lee County Real Estate Market MLS Search
Search Results on

What Does $250,000 Buy in Lee County Real Estate Market?

In Cape Coral we spotted a brand new home in SW Cape Coral.  It is listed for $245,900 and has 2,180 sq ft. It has 5 bedrooms 3 baths and is on an oversized lot.

What Does $250,000 Buy in Lee County Real Estate Market Cape Coral
Cape Coral Home Under $250,000

We then decided to see if we could find any waterfront homes with gulf access in this price range.  We found 6. We found a home with 1,588 sq ft and a 10,000 lb boat lift with a spa in SW Cape Coral with gulf access. We found another gulf access home with boat lift and a pool. It has 1,436 sq ft and a single car garage.  It is 10 minutes to the river by boat.

Lee County Real Estate Market Gulf Access Waterfront Home Cape Coral
Cape Coral Gulf Access Waterfront Home

Next we decided to look at Fort Myers Beach and see what’s available for $250k.  We did find a small single family home for $219,000. It’s a 1 bedroom, 1 bath home with 630 sq ft.  but hey, it’s at the beach.  When we searched for condos we found 15 in that price range.  Some ranged from small 1 bedroom condos at Pink Shell with great investment potential to larger 1 bedroom units along the beach with greater size.  Manufactured housing opened up 7 more homes at Fort Myers Beach and many were waterfront.

In Fort Myers we found 69 single family homes listed up to $250,000. For instance, we found a 3 bedroom, 2 bath lakefront home in Botanica Lakes with 1,782 sq ft for $240,500.  It was built in 2012

What Does $250,000 Buy in Lee County Real Estate Market? Fort Myers Home Botanica Lakes Under $250,000
Fort Myers Home Botanica Lakes

As you go further south into Estero and Bonita the pickings get a little slimmer.  We found 33 single family homes available.  We found a cute 2 bedroom + den in the Villages at Country Creek for $249,900.  It has 1,382 sq ft, a 2 car garage, and has been completely updated with stainless steel appliances.

250000 Buy Lee County Real Estate Market Estero Home
Estero Home Villages at Country Creek

None of the listings shown today are our listings.  We just wanted to show you what your money will buy at this price range and show you how you can search and find these kinds of properties.

Our website allows you to see the home on the map so you can see exactly where it is and what it is close to, like shopping or water.  You can view all the photos of each home in the photo gallery. You can setup a showing request when you see something you like, or find out how much it will cost with the mortgage calculator.

You can also add homes to your favorites to easily find them again or check on their status, or save your search and have the system email you when new homes enter the market or when an owner changes their price.

You can search all price ranges and all areas, not just the $250k example we did today.  As Realtors we get to see a lot of homes each week.  If you’ve been searching awhile and having a hard time making sense of it all, you’re not alone.

Sometimes it pays just to sit down with a good agent who listens to what you’re looking for and they can point you in the right direction for you.  Ellis Team agents listen and are experts at finding what you want.  Give us a call at 239-489-4042 and we’ll be happy to sit down and discuss the market and homes that may interest you.

If you’re not ready to meet just yet, that’s fine too.  Simply search away at and let us know when something catches your eye.  You might not be ready today, but someday you will be, and this site is perfect for those who want to see what’s out there and what is possible.

Good luck and Happy House Hunting!

Open House This Saturday 1-4 PM

2110 SW 13th St, Cape Coral FL

Recent Articles

Ellis Team Moves to Keller Wiilams Fort Myers & The Islands

Consumers, lenders, title companies, and real estate agents probably don’t all realize that big changes are coming down the pike and it will affect real estate closings in a big way later this year.

Big Changes Coming to the Closing Table

You’ll be hearing more about this issue this Spring and Summer as these new rules go into effect for closings starting August 1, 2015.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) which is a new entity instituted by the Obama administration dictates that mortgage documents are locked in at least 3 days before closing.

Big Changes Coming to the Closing Table

Lenders will have to use the new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure form and this form must be given to consumers three days before closing.  Any change to the form requires the clock to start over which means many closings will be delayed.

Some would argue this concept would change the common practice of lenders sending mortgage documents to the title company the day of closing which forces buyers to scramble to get a wire or cashiers check just before closing and this is a good thing.  They’d be right, in part.  That would be a good thing, however there will be some unintended consequences and perhaps some lawsuits arising out of the implications of implementation.

This new rule shifts the burden from title companies to lenders to disclose the TILA.  Lenders have not been used to communicating with all sides of the transaction.  Typically that’s been the role of the title agent.  Lenders had a hard enough time getting a file from clear to close to their closing department and then on to title company.   This now adds an extra layer, and if they weren’t great before, they’ll be less than average going forward.

Realtors and sellers will gripe because any change will change the closing statement, which could dictate postponing closing.  How will a seller plan for a closing on a certain day when they must turn around and close on another property the same day?  Any change to the first closing resets the clock and postpones it three days, which will postpone subsequent closings.  I remember one day years ago where we had 5 simultaneous closings on the same day.  We had the buyer and seller on all 5 properties and we ran into an issue on closing number 3 at the closing table.  If #3 didn’t happen, 4 and 5 wouldn’t either and we had buyers and sellers with packed trucks all waiting to close.

Today this closing might not take place.  We scrambled with the loan officer and made it happen, but that absolutely could not happen after August 1.  The buyer has no say in the matter either.  These are new Federal regulations and no matter how much a buyer or seller is impacted by the new rules, it won’t matter.  Buyers and sellers will be sweating out closings hoping lenders have the disclosures in on time and all documents ready for closing.  If you like going to Vegas, you can bet with certainty that many closings will not happen on the day they’re supposed to.  It’s just a fact and Realtors, buyers, and sellers better load up on their chill pills now, because there will be high demand and short supply on those pills around Aug 2nd.

Don’t forget Bella Casa is having a close-out sale this weekend.  Special incentives and financing are available on brand new 1, 2 and 3 bedroom luxury condos in South Fort Myers.  Call our office for details 239-489-4042 or stop by the sales center located on Plantation Rd 1/4 mile North of Daniels.  Open Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 11-6

Feel free to search the MLS at or call us to get your home sold. 239-489-4042

Bella Casa Close-Out Event
Bella Casa Luxury Condominiums Fort Myers, FL

Don’t forget this weekend is the Big Bella Casa Luxury Condominium Close-Out Event


2014 was another banner year by all accounts.  Year end sales numbers for SW Florida real estate market indicate a recovering market in 2014.  This makes several years in a row of double-digit or near double-digit gains.

For the record the official numbers suggest a 8.6% increase in median single family home sale prices in 2014, up from $174,000 in 2013 to $189,000 this past year.

Year End Sales Numbers for SW Florida Real Estate Market

Year End Sales Numbers for SW Florida Real Estate Market

Average sale prices rose 8.1% to $283,529.  Year end sales numbers for SW Florida real estate market are the median of the entire year and not necessarily the final December statistics.  One month sales figures can be deceiving and seasonal, so we take the entire year.

Active inventory fell 12.6% for the year, with inventory currently at 5,394 compared to 6,169 last year.  All year we’ve been telling readers we’re in a low inventory market.  Inventory has been rising the past few months but we’re still down significantly from last year.  Inventory always rises heading into season and typically peaks out in late January or sometime in February.  It’s hard to keep inventory when the sales begin popping in season.

SW Florida Real Estate Current Active Inventory January 2015

Each year we tell our sellers sales can be quiet up until about Jan 15-20, and then all heck breaks loose.  Our team has noticed a definite uptick in buyer calls.  2015 season looks to be on par with previous years.  We’re getting some good listing calls too.

We’re going to need some good listings at the rate these buyer calls are coming in.  I spoke with an agent this week at another firm who had an open house this past weekend and 25 customers came in.  Her business is picking up this week and she can’t keep up.

We’re doing an open house tour this week in Cape Coral.  We’ll have 3 homes open on Sunday.  We do our open houses a little bit different so buyers can see several like kind homes.  2 are direct access waterfront homes and the 3rd is located on a fresh water lake with gorgeous views.  Check out our ad in the News Press HomeFinder for times and locations.

If you look at the Year End Prices graph you can see where were are in the recovery process compared to the peak in 2005.  We’ve got some ways to go before we reach that plateau.  If you look closely you can see the price rise in 2014 slowed just a bit.  Nobody can say with certainty what prices will be next year.

All I know is last year we predicted another year of gains, and we should have more gains this year as most signs look good going forward.  The rate of gain may slow, and that is a good thing.  It’s unhealthy to have double digit gains year after year.  Average gains are usually 3-5% per year and we’ve been beating that.

Rising interest rates usually temper buyer buying ability.  Sometimes it spurs more activity from buyers who want to get in at lower costs.  We’ll keep our eyes on interest rates in 2015 along with some other key variables.

In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful market.  If you’re a seller, now is the time to call the Ellis Team 239-489-4042  If you’d like to search the MLS, check out  You can search the entire MLS, or feel free to speak with one of our friendly agents.  Be sure to read all our market updates on our Blog which can be found on our website.

Read last Week’s Article Bella Casa Luxury Condos in South Fort Myers

Good luck and Happy House Hunting!

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By Brett Ellis

RE/MAX Realty Group – Ellis Team

Fort Myers Real Estate Agent

7910 Summerlin Lakes Dr

Fort Myers, FL 33907


A few weeks ago we focused on gated communities in Fort Myers.  This week we thought we’d focus on new construction condos in South Fort Myers.

Bella Casa luxury condos in South Fort Myers

Bella Casa Luxury Condos in South Fort Myers

We did a search in MLS for new builder product and 24 properties came up.  The lowest priced listing we could find was in Bella Casa for $137,000.  In fact we have a listing in Bella Casa for $134,716 and 2 bedroom 2 bath unit at $155,778.

Bella Casa luxury condos is a gated community in South Fort Myers with a resort style pool and spa, state of the art fitness center, clubhouse with club room and an outdoor living room under truss with a two sided fireplace and lighted tennis courts.  The best part might just be the low maintenance fees of only $213/mo which makes Bella Casa affordable.  Garages are available in some buildings as well.

Bella Casa luxury condos is located on Plantation Rd off Daniels, so it is conveniently located close to Gulf Coast Hospital, Minnesota Twins Spring Training and the Lee County Sports Complex, shopping, airport, and US 41 and I-75.  The builder has 36 units left for sale.  There are some rented units for investors too who would like to purchase a luxurious condo with low fees and built-in income.

What makes Bella Casa luxury condos so unusual in today’s market is the combination of newer construction, garages, gated community with amenities, and low maintenance fees in South fort Myers.  Typically a community might offer one or more of these features, but rarely all of them.

Bella Casa Luxury Condos in South Fort Myers Aerial View

Bella Casa luxury condos offers 1 Bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom units. Many have lake or preserve views.  For more information call our office at 239-489-4042 or visit our website at

Bella Casa Condominiums in Fort Myers is a saved search on our website which makes it easy for you to see what’s available in MLS.  Did you know that you can search for a home or condo in MLS directly from our website?  You can, and we make it easy.  Virtually every property in MLS can be viewed on our website at  Keep in mind not all new construction is listed in MLS, so that’s why our team works hard to keep up on inventory.

It’s quite possible the home you’re looking for is under construction and not in MLS at the moment.  The Ellis Team has a team of buyer specialists devoted to keeping up on the market and listening to your needs.  Quite often we listen and match buyers up with properties they didn’t even know were on the market.

As leaders in the SW Florida real estate market we try to find out about opportunities first, and we work hard to keep up with the changes.  Because we work with a lot of buyers our specialists are out there regularly visiting projects so when you call we may have some ideas for you worth checking out.

Take Bella Casa luxury condos for instance.  There may be 4 new construction units on the MLS and a few re-sales and yet active Realtors know the developer has models open daily and more to choose from, but they’re going fast.

We hope you enjoy reading about communities we’ve focused on recently like Bella Casa luxury condos and Reflection Lakes.  If you have a community you feel has a lot to offer let us know and maybe we’ll write about it.

Good luck and Happy House Hunting!

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Check out Bella Casa Condominiums.  We’ll be happy to show you this project in South Fort Myers

By Brett Ellis

RE/MAX Realty Group – Ellis Team

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This week we thought it would be neat to focus on a community and tell a bit more about it to readers, and then we thought, why stop at one community?  We’ve highlighted select communities in the past, so we thought we’d focus on a topic of interest we get asked a lot by home buyers.  This week’s article will focus on gated communities in Fort Myers.

Gated Communities in Fort Myers

Fort Myers offers many gated communities.  Buyers enjoy the many benefits of living in a gated community.  Traffic tends to be less in a gated community because access is restricted.  Neighbors who live in the community tend to be more mindful of people walking or kids playing because they live there and know the roads.

Another benefit is increased security.  While gates do not guarantee a crime free neighborhood, it does make it more difficult for thieves to burglarize a home and have a getaway car.  Some thieves will move on as they don’t want to risk having their license plates video taped or recorded by a manned guard.  If a thief really wants in though, a gate is no match.  Banks get robbed and so do jewelry stores with elaborate systems, so a gate cannot guarantee security.

Neighbors tend to have a better handle on who lives in the community though.  If a car or van doesn’t look like it belongs, it stands out and neighbors watch.  In non-gated communities it’s harder to tell which cars belong.

Gated communities add a sense of privacy many home buyers are looking for.  You don’t have the general public driving your streets any hour of the day or night unless they’re invited in.

Many people with Ex’s enjoy gated communities knowing their Ex can’t just pop in unexpectedly.  The same goes for friends up North who just show up when they’re in town.  Restricted access can be a good thing when you’re not in the mood for guests.

One disadvantage of living in a gated community is that people can’t drive around and see what’s for sale, or even what the community offers.  If you want to sell you have to market the home a lot more to find that buyer.

We’ve created an easy way to search for gated communities in Fort Myers, or anywhere else in SW Florida for that matter as well.  Simply go to and click on the Gated Communities page in the Communities section.  Our MLS search site makes it easy to search for things like gated communities, waterfront homes, homes with pools, condos, you name it.

Of course while you’re browsing at your leisure you can also speak with a professional at the Ellis Team to make sure you’re on the right track. 239-489-4042.  We’re here to help you online, over the phone, or in person.  We know that home buying or selling decisions sometimes occur over time.  Many buyers and sellers need to see their options first and see if it even makes sense to contemplate such a move.  Others know they’re ready now and are just waiting for the right property to open up.  Either way you’re covered and we’ll help you no matter where you are in the process.

We’re here for you whether you’re buying today or just thinking about it down the road.  Always call the Ellis Team at RE/MAX Realty Group 239-489-4042. We’ll handle you with care!  Or visit our website at

Search the MLS for Gated Communities in Fort Myers

If you’re thinking about selling your home in SW Florida and would like to find out what your your home is worth we can help.


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Check out Bella Casa Condominiums.  We’ll be happy to show you this project in South Fort Myers

By Brett Ellis

RE/MAX Realty Group – Ellis Team

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SW Florida Hurricane Tips From a Top Agent

It’s getting that time of year again when the tropics begin to heat up.  The newspapers and TV stations do a good job of educating people how to survive a storm.  We thought we’d give you our insights and tips from an agent perspective.

SW Florida Hurricane Tips From a Top Agent


  1.  Remove for sale signs from yard.  You don’t want that becoming a projectile in a storm
  2. Purchase a Hi Definition antenna for your TV. TV stations broadcast over the air in digital format and Hi Definition.  If you have a Hi Def TV you can receive these broadcasts over the air for free with $10 antennae. Mine has a 35 mile range and picks up stations from all over, including Sarasota and Tampa.  Those old portable hurricane TV’s probably won’t work anymore as the standards have changed
  3. If you have hurricane shutters, roll them down or slide them and lock into place and test them out.  Over the years dirt, frogs, and other creatures can jam up the tracks.  The time to work on these is before the storm
  4. Be sure to go around your yard and look for loose items.  Pay particular attention to your lanai and bring items inside that could blow around
  5. Do not cut pool screens.  It is true pool screens add resistance and could help bring down your cage in heavy hurricane force winds, but why cut them?  You’d be better off removing spline and the screen and installing the screen after the storm.  When you cut the screen you remove any chance of using it again
  6. Park your cars against your garage door inside your garage.  Experts will tell you this doesn’t work.  Since your garage door may be the least protected exterior item on your home, I just don’t see how reinforcement behind the garage door could hurt.  It’s no guarantee, but sometimes little things can help
  7. Purchase a Sawzall, also know as a reciprocating saw.  These are very useful in cutting down debris after a storm. We had one client take down his entire pool cage that had collapsed in Charley after the storm.  Sometimes debris can block your exit to your home, so it’s nice to cut your way out if need be
  8. Keep an axe in your home.  Rising waters are usually more dangerous than high winds.  If the waters were to rise, you might want a ladder and an axe. In Katrina people in New Orleans used axes to cut wholes in their roof from their attic.  They were forced up in their homes due to rising waters.  You’d hate to survive high winds only to drown in your own home
  9. Buy lots of water-If the electricity goes out, you may not be able to count on having good drinking water
  10. Fill up your car with gas ahead of the storm.  Buying gas after a storm is never fun, and nearby stations could be out

We’ve created a Hurricane Tips Page on our website at with more tips.  We’ll have an updated video you can watch on our YouTube Channel with many more tips you might not think about.  We’ve lived through and flourished through several storms, and we want you to as well.  A storm doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds if you prepare ahead of time.

If you stay, be prepared.  The decision to stay or evacuate is yours.  Listen to the experts, and know what you’re going to do before so you’re not caught off-guard.  Be sure to visit our complete checklist with more tips online.

Good luck and have a safe hurricane season!

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Fort Myers Open House

Fort Myers open house in Reflection Lakes gated community

When: Sunday, August 3, 2014 from 1pm – 4pm.
Where: 13745 Bald Cypress Circle. Map here.
Special Instructions: Reflection Lakes Pkwy to Gate 2 Code is: Press Phone button then 0293


Fort Myers Open House Reflection Lakes
13745 Bald Cypress Cir

Reflection Lakes Finest!

This beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath, pool home located on one of the most desirable lakefront lots in all of Reflection Lakes. You will be captivated by the gorgeous view as you relax poolside and thoroughly enjoy the ideal Florida lifestyle. From the moment you enter, you’ll find a spacious open floor plan, high ceilings, and upgrades abound. The kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances, solid surface counter tops, and plenty of space to satisfy any home chef! Reflection Lakes is regarded as one of Ft. Myers best communities featuring its ideal location close to everything! With a large community clubhouse, resort style pool, tennis courts, children’s play area, fitness center, and low HOA fees, Reflection Lakes has it all. Be sure to put this at the top of your list and see it today.

More Information on This Home


For more information on Open House
View our July 2014  SW Florida Real Estate Market Update

To view our Listings in Hi Definition, visit www.HomesinHD.TV or click on our playlist below

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By Brett Ellis

Fort Myers Real Estate Agent

7910 Summerlin Lakes Dr

Fort Myers, FL 33907

This past year our team has sold several new homes in the The Plantation Gated Golf  Course Community in Fort Myers Florida so we thought we’d tell you a little but more about this community. Here is an aerial view of the clubhouse.

The Plantation Gated Golf Course Community in Fort Myers Florida Clubhouse
Aerial View of the Clubhouse

With over 30,000 square feet The Great House as it  is called by the developer features an interior similar to a British Colonial manor home. It features restaurant and a bar with two fireplaces.  RE/MAX has had our Holiday office party at the clubhouse twice and a good time was had by all. The clubhouse has a golf pro shop, men’s and women’s locker rooms, a billiards room, gathering room, and a meeting room.

Overhead golf view the Plantation Fort Myers
Overhead View of Golf Course


The 18 hole championship golf course was designed by Hurdzan-Fry and is perfect for players of all skill sets.  It is a 7,233 yard course with a variety of tees that provide various angles of play and is generally considered a fun but challenging course.

Clubhouse Outdoor Seating Area
Outdoor Seating Area Overlooking Golf Course at Night


Somerset Hall is the hub of the Somerset at the Plantation community. It is a large activity center where the community can meet and socialize and features an on-site activities director.  Somerset Hall features a resort style pool, spa, fitness center, aerobics room, massage and sauna rooms, locker rooms, tennis courts, billiards room, TV & Internet lounge, library, and community room.

Somerset Hall Activity Center
Somerset Hall Activity Center

Residents enjoy the resort style pool as a place to unwind or get some sun in.

The Plantation at Somerset Community Pool
Community Pool

The Plantation Gated Golf Course Community in Fort Myers Florida

To view more photos and video of the Plantation and the recreation areas check out our video on the Plantation Golf Course Community in Fort Myers

The floor plans aren’t bad either.  Here is a photo of the kitchen in the Dartmouth II model.  By the way, we hear they’re building all new models.  The Plantation also has another section called Bridgeport at the Plantation with different floor plans as well.

Dartmouth II kitchen
Dartmouth II Kitchen

We have plenty more photos we could show you, but there’s no substitute for seeing the Plantation in person.  Let one of our buyer specialists help find your dream home at the Plantation, or wherever your dreams take you.  We know the area, we know the development, and we know the builder.  It pays to work with an agent who can listen to your needs and recommend the best product for you.


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