Today we would like to tell you how real estate marketing trends are shifting to professional video tours. Professional videos make a property come alive through cinematography.  When done correctly, the viewer enjoys a cinema like experience using all senses while familiarizing them with the property.

Imagine if children could learn math through an interesting movie.  Movies capture our attention and interest.  Isn’t that the whole purpose of marketing?  The reason most companies do not offer professional video is because it costs money, and lots of it.

Real Estate Marketing Trends Shifting

The Ellis Team is introducing professional video tours on many of our properties.  We create a single property website for each property that has professional photos, a 3D tour of the home, and a professional video tour.

Video Tours

While the video is on each property’s single website, we also upload them to where they are seen by even larger audiences.  We also load the videos on our Facebook pages where it is seen all over the world and shared by others.  This is the true power of leverage.  To get these results, you must have professional video to start.

3D Tours

You have probably seen 3D video tours used by a few agents in SW Florida.  The Ellis Team uses them as well because buyers can access and view a home at their leisure from anywhere in the world.  They have helped us sell many homes during the Coronavirus pandemic. 360 home tours allow the consumer to be in control.  Many buyers love them, while others want to be wowed and not worry about the technology used to view the home.  This is where captivating video comes in.  Just as some people learn better with visual and others like audible, the Ellis Team employs multiple streams of marketing to reach the consumer how they wish to view a property best.

If you like the 360 self-guided tour, we have that.  If you like professional still photos, we have that too.  Now we are introducing professional video tours, and recent real estate marketing trends suggest consumers love it.

We ran an ad online last week up North and 175 people watched the video on Facebook alone.  The interesting thing is many watched the entire video.  We believe adding video to our professional photography and 3D tours will be a real winner for home sellers.

Thinking of Selling?

If you are thinking about selling your home, we have some information about what may happen in the market in the next 6 months.  You may want to talk to Sande or Brett Ellis 239-489-40402 Ext 4 to find out how this will affect your property.

If you are curious about your home’s value but not sure you are ready to do something, we have an online value tool that is fairly accurate, instant, and Free.  Simple go to and enter your address.  It will show you your home’s value along with comparable sales in the area.

To get your home professionally video graphed, call Brett or Sande and find out how we can help get your home sold for Top Dollar.  We are marketing locally and across the world with our digital platform and aggressive marketing campaign.  Ellis Team sales have increased in the middle of a pandemic.  We believe this is the result of hard work, top notch marketing, and aggressive lead generating by our team.  The Ellis Team is not sitting back and waiting for the market to come to us, we are taking it to the market.  Isn’t that the kind of Realtor you want working for you?  Don’t forget to check out the videos at

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