Local listing inventory fell 64.5% in February while closed sales rose 24.7%.  As you can see from the chart, we’ve never seen inventory levels this low.  It is a great time to be a seller right now.

Local Listing Inventory Fell 64.5%
Local listing inventory fell 64.5%

Buyers are not having as much fun, but the ones who do score a property are winning too because now they are in the equity business.  Home prices are rising, and you must be in to participate.  Interest rates are rising so getting in sooner will save buyers money too.

The Ellis Team is busy creating our own market.  We are not relying on MLS alone to find properties for our buyers.  We have a database of over 12,000 people looking to purchase a property in SW Florida.  Obviously, there are not enough properties for all of them.

One of the newer things we are doing is playing matchmaker.  We are calling and contacting our database asking if they would sell to one of our buyers.  Sometimes the answer is yes, but they would need a place to buy as well if they did sell.  As our team makes more calls, we can identify more people that would be willing to sell if they could find a new place.  As this list grows, we simply matchup what we have and make dreams happen.  If you wait for a property to hit MLS, you’re too late as it will be gone in hours or days.  There simply is not time to put your home on the market, sell it, and go get that new listing that just came up.

If you knew of a seller that would sell if the circumstances were right, you would have time to make your move.  All we must do is identify enough people who would make a move and our customers are in business.  It’s like making your own market.

For sellers this is an attractive option because they get to buy a home before a seller lists it for sale.  This only works if the real estate team has a large database to draw from, and we do. Our marketing has been creating buyers for years, and we have years full of past clients in our database.

Our team still sells plenty of homes through the MLS.  This is just another way we can find homes for our buyers.  The MLS is slim pickings in many cases.

If you are a homeowner and would like to make a move but you are not sure where you would go, give Brett or Sande a call 239-310-6500.  We may already have a buyer for your home, and we may have a home that meets your needs you could purchase from one of our past clients who would also like to move.

If we match enough people up, we can identify and find hidden inventory for buyers.  We believe there are many people who would like to sell but just do not know where they would go.  You still pay us a commission.  This is a creative way to find a home to buy that the public might not know about.

The Ellis Team is marketing for buyers into high tax states where Florida is a bargain.  We are taking the advertising directly to where the high dollar buyers are, and it is working.  In the past 6 months we have sold so many of our listings above asking price.  The more buyers you have to choose from commands a higher price.

If you have a property to sell, imagine getting top dollar for your home and being the only buyer for a hidden home.  These homes are not withheld from MLS, they are not even for sale.  We are identifying sellers that would sell if the circumstance were right.

If you’d like to get a ballpark idea of what your home is worth, visit www.SWFLhomevalues.com The great thing about this site is not only will it give you a value, but it will also email you monthly how much your home is increasing.

If you would consider selling someday if the price were right, call Brett or Sande today! 239-310-6500

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