Most people like a good deal, so it’s quite natural to assume that the company that charges the least for a service will maximize your profit.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. The agent you choose to sell your home could cost you thousands.

This is the time of year when locals who have been swamped all season long begin to breathe and reflect on their housing situation.  They ask questions like, has the market value on our home gone up?  Could we afford to move into a bigger home, downsize to a smaller home, or move on the water?

Agent You Choose to Sell Your Home Could Cost You Thousands

The first thing people want to know is what is my home worth?  The second is how much will it cost to sell and how much will I walk away from?  The answers to these questions help answer the next question, where could we go and how much will that cost?

A good Realtor can help.  Sometimes when people call our office the first question they ask is how much do you charge?  If I wasn’t in this business it’d probably be the first question I’d ask too.

Since I am, I want to give an insiders point of view that will help prospective sellers.  Given what I know, this should be the last question asked.

Proper pricing is important.  You want to choose a Realtor who understands the market and can properly guide you so you’re working in reality.  If your whole exercise in exploring a move is based on fantasy, you’ve wasted a lot of time and inconvenience.

Secondly, it doesn’t so much matter what the listing agent charges.  It matters how much you net out at the closing.  I tell people if I charged 20% commission but got my sellers 30% more than any other agent could, would that fee seem high?  The answer is no, it’d be a bargain.  The truth is we don’t charge 20% and we don’t get 30% more than the average agent.

Agent You Choose to Sell Your Home Could Cost You Thousands-SW Florida Home Value

However, we do sell our listings for more than the average agent.  Some agents out there may charge less than other agents.  The beauty is there is no set rate by law, and that’s a good thing.  You’re free to choose who can put the most money in your pocket at closing, and that’s typically an experienced agent who does a lot of marketing and has excellent negotiating skills.  The kind of negotiating skills that comes from thousands of transactions.  Some agents only sell a few homes per year, so ask to see their track record.

Also ask to see their marketing.  Owners assume that all newspaper ads are the same.  Look at the frequency, and the size of your home in the ad.  If you need a magnifying glass, chances are the buyer will to and won’t see it.

Is your property aggressively marketed online too?  Would you know the difference?  Sure, all Realtors will tell you your home will be marketed online, but what if there were some key differences the agent didn’t tell you about?  What if the agent doesn’t really know and just repeats what the company tells them?

It pays to call someone who really does know.  Selling your home for less than you could is like a hidden tax.  You’ll never know what could have been.  And how will you know you’re getting the best deal on your next home?

A great agent can help.  If you’re considering making a move, call us at 239-489-4042 and sit down with us and we’ll guide you through all of it.  Calling the wrong agent could cost you thousands.  It could cost you the sale entirely and cause you to miss your dream home.

The Agent You Choose to Sell Your Home Could Cost You Thousands

You can get a ballpark value on our website but keep in mind that’s only a ballpark.  We’d prefer to come out and see your home and go over the details for better accuracy.  Not every agent in our company or in town works the way we do.  Always Call the Ellis Team at RE/MAX   239-489-4042

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