This week we thought it would be neat to focus on a community and tell a bit more about it to readers, and then we thought, why stop at one community?  We’ve highlighted select communities in the past, so we thought we’d focus on a topic of interest we get asked a lot by home buyers.  This week’s article will focus on gated communities in Fort Myers.

Gated Communities in Fort Myers

Fort Myers offers many gated communities.  Buyers enjoy the many benefits of living in a gated community.  Traffic tends to be less in a gated community because access is restricted.  Neighbors who live in the community tend to be more mindful of people walking or kids playing because they live there and know the roads.

Another benefit is increased security.  While gates do not guarantee a crime free neighborhood, it does make it more difficult for thieves to burglarize a home and have a getaway car.  Some thieves will move on as they don’t want to risk having their license plates video taped or recorded by a manned guard.  If a thief really wants in though, a gate is no match.  Banks get robbed and so do jewelry stores with elaborate systems, so a gate cannot guarantee security.

Neighbors tend to have a better handle on who lives in the community though.  If a car or van doesn’t look like it belongs, it stands out and neighbors watch.  In non-gated communities it’s harder to tell which cars belong.

Gated communities add a sense of privacy many home buyers are looking for.  You don’t have the general public driving your streets any hour of the day or night unless they’re invited in.

Many people with Ex’s enjoy gated communities knowing their Ex can’t just pop in unexpectedly.  The same goes for friends up North who just show up when they’re in town.  Restricted access can be a good thing when you’re not in the mood for guests.

One disadvantage of living in a gated community is that people can’t drive around and see what’s for sale, or even what the community offers.  If you want to sell you have to market the home a lot more to find that buyer.

We’ve created an easy way to search for gated communities in Fort Myers, or anywhere else in SW Florida for that matter as well.  Simply go to and click on the Gated Communities page in the Communities section.  Our MLS search site makes it easy to search for things like gated communities, waterfront homes, homes with pools, condos, you name it.

Of course while you’re browsing at your leisure you can also speak with a professional at the Ellis Team to make sure you’re on the right track. 239-489-4042.  We’re here to help you online, over the phone, or in person.  We know that home buying or selling decisions sometimes occur over time.  Many buyers and sellers need to see their options first and see if it even makes sense to contemplate such a move.  Others know they’re ready now and are just waiting for the right property to open up.  Either way you’re covered and we’ll help you no matter where you are in the process.

We’re here for you whether you’re buying today or just thinking about it down the road.  Always call the Ellis Team at RE/MAX Realty Group 239-489-4042. We’ll handle you with care!  Or visit our website at

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Gated Communities in Fort Myers
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Gated Communities in Fort Myers
Gated communities in Fort Myers offer many benefits such as increased security, less traffic, and mindful neighbors on the lookout for what doesn't belong

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