We’ve noticed a trend developing this year with more home sales in the $500k-$1 Million price range in 2013.  In fact, within the past month or so the Ellis Team has sold and closed 2 homes in this range that were previously on the market and didn’t sell before.

High End Market Heating Up in Fort Myers-Cape Coral-Estero Real Estate Markets

The first home was located in Carillon Woods and had been on the market previously with another agent.  They had several offers but just couldn’t come to any agreements.  We listed the home and raised the price a little and sold it within 20 days.


33 Timberland Cir Fort Myers, FL 33919 Market Heating Up in Fort Myers-Cape Coral-Estero Real Estate Markets
Carillon Woods Sold in 19 Days $565,000


The second home was located in Belle Meade and had also been listed with another agent.

The first home in Carillon Woods was listed at the correct price but just needed a little negotiation help.  The second home may have been priced a little high in the beginning and needed help finding where the true market was for that home.  The previous Realtor had lots of expensive brochures at the home for the buyer viewing the home but that marketing didn’t necessarily drive buyers to the home.  Even if an agent spent a million dollars marketing the home it still wouldn’t sell if it was over-priced.

8510 Belle Meade Dr Fort Myers FL 33908
Belle Meade Sold $635,000 Nov 8, 2013


In both events, the sellers needed guidance and market advice.  Yes, our marketing brought buyers to the table.  In the end, it was the advice and guidance we provided that closed the sale.  Neither sale was a particularly easy deal.  Both buyers were concerned about inspection items and negotiating the best deal they could.  The expertise of the agents involved, for both buyer and seller made these two transactions successfully come together.  These two deals are similar to sales across SW Florida in this price range.

Many people believe the value of a Realtor is the marketing.  Others believe it’s pricing.  Others believe it’s just handling paperwork.  It’s all those things, but it’s a lot more.  A good Realtor handles the emotions, the objections, and the road blocks that are put up as a transaction unfolds and knocks them down.  A good Realtor advises their client on how to act, how to respond, and what to do when difficulties arise.  Experience is the key! Sometimes what a client says isn’t what they mean.  Sometimes what the other side says isn’t what they’re really asking for.  An experienced agent provides the wisdom and can be the difference between listing a home and actually selling one.

Buyers in this price range shop and make sure they get a fair deal.  In fact, they’ll take a bargain if they can find it like any other buyer, but they want to make sure they’re getting a good deal.  Buyers in this range tend to be selective, and why not because they are investing a good amount of money on their home.

Sales in this price range are up 28.4% over last year.  MLS shows 624 single family home sales YTD this year in Lee County versus 486 same time last year.  We’ve definitely seen an increase in higher priced properties this year, and the past month is a perfect example.

If you’re a buyer, you can search for properties in MLS right on our website www.TopAgent.com  If you’re a seller, it pays to consult a Realtor with experience who can properly guide you from A-Z, not stop at C or D.  You don’t pocket the cash until you complete all steps.  Many sellers think steps 1-3 are good enough and they find out later on they either didn’t get the offers they wanted, or they couldn’t get it closed.  It’s usually best to find out your options upfront rather than find out later on.  Call us at 239-489-4042 and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation.

If you’d like to search the MLS, visit our website at www.Topagent.com  If you’re considering selling and would like the Ellis Team to show you what we think we can get for your home, go to www.SWFLHomevalues.com or call us at 239-489-4042  Good luck and Happy Selling!

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