Well, we’ve just concluded another year and it’s that time of year when people spell out their new years resolutions. You know, the typical things like the gym memberships, lose weight, quit smoking, reduce debt, go back to church, read more, travel more, eat out less, eat out more, spend more time with family, etc.

New Years Resolutions for SW Florida Real Estate Market
SW Florida New Years Resolutions

While most lay out their personal resolutions, each year we spell out resolutions we think would be great for our local SW Florida real estate market. Some may be a repeat of last year’s resolutions.

1. Agents and lenders become more familiar with FHA financing- As prices rise, less investors may be competing against first time buyers as flipping margins are reduced. Banks have stiffened up on lending so bad that FHA has become the predominate form of lending in recent years. It will pay for agents and lenders alike to become more familiar with FHA guidelines unless lending rules change dramatically

2. Lee County would attract outside business to relocate to SW Florida-We know the county and Chamber is working hard on this.

3. Parking garage at Fort Myers Beach becomes a reality-Fort Myers Beach is one of the staples of local tourism. We now have a great park and view to enjoy as visitors come over the bridge. Adding parking to the equation would serve as a hub for business and tourists to enjoy our area

4. Banks roll out plans to refinance homes under new guidelines allowing underwater borrowers to stay in their homes

5. Economy-Jobs are what ultimately will drive our real estate market and we’re not seeing growth in the job market other than seasonal jobs nationwide. A pro-growth government could help lift the business climate and the real estate market

6. Election-November can’t get here soon enough. Later this year we’ll know who our new president will be and what direction Congress will take. Voters sent a strong message last election, but Congress is still too evenly divided for politicians to get that people want real change.

7. US Government needs to spend less- We cannot end up like many countries in Europe. We must act now to reduce spending before it’s too late

8. Congress needs an English Lesson-Since when are tax cuts considered spending? Taxes are revenue, not spending. Congress and the President need to cut spending and stop treating taxes as spending. Tax cuts spur business to invest and hire. These 2 month extensions are too short term for businesses to decided what direction economy is going in

9. Red Sox stadium worth the Investment-Lee County paid a lot of money to build new stadium. Let’s hope new stadium brings new energy, new visitors, and lots of money back to local economy

10. Certainty in Oil Market-Uncertainty leads to rising oil prices which leads to loss of disposable income. I think all Americans could use a little more disposable income, and a better energy policy would help. A little luck with agitators like Iran would as well.

11. Places like banks, airlines, and cell phone companies will stop adding add-on fees simply to increase bottom line- We are in a price sensitive market. When will these companies learn? Someone in these companies marketing departments should warn the CEOs that these fees are unpopular and go over about as well as an occupy movement in the middle of a city.

12. Speaking of Occupy Movements-Maybe this will be the year they actually come up with a message, or decide to get back to work. There’s nothing worse than watching interviews with attendees who don’t know why they’re camping out all night or what they realistically would like, other than a free handout.

13. If It’s to Be, It’s Up to Me-America needs to get back to personal responsibility. It’s obvious we cannot give to everyone and pay our nation’s debts. One day the world will stop lending to us. What happened to “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country?”

They may not all come true, but wouldn’t it be nice. We’d love to hear your new years resolutions.


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