The Ellis Team has so many leads we need to hire experienced agents.  SW Florida is experiencing record sales numbers, and buyers more than ever are looking to purchase real estate in SW Florida now that it’s affordable again, interest rates are low, and of course the First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit.

The Ellis Team at RE/MAX Realty Group in Fort myers has not cut back on advertising, but rather has refocused on advertising that actually works.  In some cases we’ve increased our advertising, as is the case with The News Press and NBC.  We’ve continued our radio show for 9 years, our Yellow Pages ads, and we’ve increased marketing in other areas.  We’ve eliminated a few advertising venues that didn’t prove to work, and we’ve recently added a few opportunities that we’re really excited about.

We’ve changed our office staff and we’ve never been stronger.  This is the market to hire key people and march forward, and we’re doing that.  Average isn’t good enough anymore, and it’s never been good enough for us.  This market ha given everyone an opportunity to evaluate what’s working and improve upon it, and eliminate what’s not working.  We’ve improved our personnel tremendously and getting much more accomplished.  We’ve never felt better about our team, and we’re excited about opportunities moving forward.

We recently attended the Star Power Convention in Denver and listened to the Leaders of RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Prudential, and Keller Williams.  All four had interesting things to say about where the real estate industry is going in the next 5 years, and all agreed that mediochre won’t cut it in today’s market.  You can’t just give average effort, or you’ll end up going backwards.  You’re either evolving or dissolving according to larry Kendall, owner of Kendall Real Estate and author of Ninja Selling.

Our advertising and systems are working.  We’re creating more leads than we can handle.  We’ve sold more properties than last year.  We’re handling foreclosure accounts, getting short sales through, and helping regular sellers sell in this market.  We need good quality agents to help handle the leads and sell.  We have the administrative team to handle the details for our agents, which frees them up to work with more customers.

If you’re an agent struggling in this market, check us out.  We’re growing, and we’re looking for a few good agents to grow with us.  Let our 20+ years of selling and training experience put you on a path to success, no matter what the market does.  Call us for an interview.

3 thoughts on “Ellis Team is Hiring Agents in SW Florida

  1. Thank you for your website and my question is are you only hiring experienced agents?

  2. Dear Ellis Team:

    My name is Jared Clark. I just moved to Naples, FL from Utah where I was a real estate agent/investor. I am attending law school part-time and I am looking to get a Florida real estate license here in the next couple of months. I was a general partner of the Utah real estate brokerage where I worked and I have over two years of experience in residential and commercial real estate. I owned over 2 million dollars of real estate myself (Which I sold just before the bust!) Now I would like to get my foot in the door here in Florida! I love working with investors and in distressed markets. I am debating getting a broker’s license rather than a sales license, since it would only require a marginal amount of greater effort do do so (though I have no interest in working as a broker, but am considering a) the ‘prestige’ of the broker associate title rather than a sales agent and b) the possible future flexibility once I graduate from law school in 2 years). What do you think, is it worth getting the broker’s license? And would you be interested in working with me as an agent with the Ellis team?

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