This week’s SW Florida real estate video update presented by The Ellis Team at RE/MAX Realty Group focuses on SE Fort Myers Florida.  SE Fort Myers consists of zip codes 33912, 33913, 33966, and 33967 and covers Gateway, Fort Myers South around the Daniel’s Parkway Corridor over to US 41 down tthrough San Carlos Park.

SE Fort Myers Florida Real Estate Video Update

View this week’s SE Fort Myers Florida Real Estate Video Update  Average prices were down about 22% in SE Fort Myers, however sales were up significantly.

2 thoughts on “SE Fort Myers Florida Real Estate Video Update

  1. I am thinking about a trip to the Fort Myers area…my mom has retired friends in the surrounding area in trailor parks for seniors. I understand the MN training camp is in fort myers and the reason I’m telling you this is because I would like to see if I could afford an inexpensive condo or townhome where there is very close walking to the beach & a community (not for retired as I’m a young 40 something). I would like to find a place with a well pool & surrounding grounds with equipment to stay phsycially active (work out room would be nice). I have two sons & parents who would hopefully want to come down & spend time with me there.

    I don’t know the area (never been anywhere buy Orlando & the keys). I need “safe, well kept – the newer the better! Place to go to. My goal is within three years to own down there but know the prices & interest rates are very good. ‘

    If there is a condo or townhome which would be affordable in the area to rent the end of May, that would be a great way to get a feel for this type of living.

    I own a home in a small suburb of Mpls and plan on keeping my home for the next 5 years. So this would have to be “very” affordable.

    I would like to be inbetween Naples & Orlando so wouldn’t that put me in the Fort Myers area? I hear congestion is a problem closer to Naples, but warm weather, close to the beach & a nice safe community is more important than the amount of congestion at this point.

    Any help out there for me? Honestly, thinking around $60-$70,000. Is there hope?

    Pamela Pike
    Sales Manager at HOM Furniture
    Roseville MN

    • Please call our office at 239-489-4042. We primarily handle sales but we do have some rentals sometimes.

      Brett Ellis

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