This weeks show, "The Future of Real Estate" will feature guests Lieutenant Governor of Florida Jeff Kottkamp and Lee County Budget Director Dinah Lewis for the entire hour.  We’ll discuss the Florida constitutional ammendment on the ballot January 29 as well as fiscal and economic issues here in SW Florida. 

We’ll talk about the current state of the economy and the impacts that has on budgeting here in SW Florida, as well as the implications if Ammendment 1 passes.  We have two top experts who are very knowledgeable and break down in easy to understand terms what’s at stake in this election.

You won’t want to miss this weeks show hosted by The Ellis Team as this topic directly relates to taxes, the real estate market, the economy, and the recovery of Florida.  It can be heard on WINK AM 1240 Saturday at 11:00 as well as online at our website

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