Florida’s existing home sales were down 28% in December 2006 Vs 2005 levels, and median prices were down 2% statewide for the same period.  Prices actually held fairly steady compared to November 2006 single family home price levels.

Condo sales were down 30% statewide in December, and median prices were down 2%, mirroring the single family homes report.

In SW Florida, Lee County December single family home sales were down 45% in 2006 Vs December 2005.  Prices were down 19% compared to year ago levels, but were actually up against November levels, a positive sign.

We’ve included a line chart which illustrates sales by month for the past 5 years so you can view how sales are doing compared to years past.

Home sales nationally were down .8% in December, and 2006 saw the biggest drop since 1989.  USA Today Article

In a sign the home building sector may be gaining strength after a rocky 2006, new home sales reported by the Commerce Department showed Sales of new homes rose 4.8% in December and prices climbed 1.2%, signalling the market may be rebounding nationwide heading into 2007.

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