The Florida Association of Realtors released their monthly home sales report.  Single family home sales were down 21% in Lee County, from 810 to 637 from year ago levels.  The median home sales price in Lee County was down 12% from $295,400 to $258,600.  While down from last years level, this is up from last months price of $249,200.  From this chart you can see sales in Lee County have steadied the past 4-5 months.

Condo sales in Lee County were down 8% from 130 last October to 119 this year.  Median condo prices in Lee County were down 14% from $285,000 last year to $245,000 this year.

Naples single family home sales didn’t fare as well, as home sales were down 45% from 333 sales last year to 182 this year.  Median sales prices were down 13% from $479,800 to $415,200.

Naples condo sales were down 53% from 273 sales last year to 128 this October.  Median condo prices in Naples were down 11% from $377,400 last year to $334,500.

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