The Following article was posted in the Reflection Lakes Newsletter May 2006.

ARB approval requires you to notify your neighbors of what you plan to do. The Building Official will provide you with the form and explain its use. Building permits may still be required for the work.

When to Install and When to Remove?

Master Association Architectural Review Board approval must be obtained by the Unit Owner prior to the installation of any storm protection. To hire an expert who can check or modify your home of commercial building, visit,

1) Any and all storm protection, including but not limited to, aluminum panels, manual or electric shutters, screens, etc., MUST be the same color as the surrounding exterior of the Unit.

2) Any and all storm protection exhibits and specifications submitted to the ARB for approval must contain a statement that “THE PRODUCT TO BE INSTALLED HAS PASSED THE MIAMI-DADE LARGE MISSILE AND WIND PRESSURE TESTS and FULLY COMPLIES WITH FLORIDA BUILDING CODES 2001 AS

In accordance with the design standards adopted by the Master Association’s Architectural Review Board:

1) Storm protection shall not be placed, installed, rolled down or shut/closed over the exterior of any unit UNLESS a Tropical Storm Warning, a Tropical Storm Watch, a Hurricane Watch or a Hurricane warning has been issued by the National Weather Service/NOAA for Lee County.

2) Storm protection is to be completely removed within forty-eight (48) hours after the Watch or Warning has been lifted by the National Weather Service/NOAA for Lee County.

3) Unit owners wishing to leave their Units’ storm protection up when leaving the Unit unoccupied for a period of thirty (30) days or more may do so ONLY IF THE STORM PROTECTION IS WHITE OR COLOR-MATCHED

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