Myth:  I’ve sold several homes before and can do a better job than agents.


Truth:  It’s always hard to negotiate on your own behalf. Buyers usually won’t trust a For Sale By Owner and offer accordingly low.  As  professionals, we can call buyers back and follow-up, whereas a seller appears anxious when they are following up.  A buyer’s financial situation is critical when evaluating the offer, and a By Owner rarely gets this private information.  Also, customs and contracts change often, and the way you did it before may not be current with today’s laws.   Let us keep you legal and protected.  We’re experts at showing and selling homes.  We’ve helped over 3,000 families, and we’re the best at what we do.  You’ll have full confidence that we’re able to sell your home.  We’ll put more money in your pocket at closing than you can yourself, and we’ll do all the work and keep you legal.  Call us for an interview and see for yourself.


This is Myth number 1 in SW Florida Real Estate.  Each week we’ll tackle a new myth.  If you have a question you’d like answered, simply post a comment here.  For more myths and truths, click on the link provided.

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