Another top agent in SW Florida sounded an alarm.  "We don’t have a demand problem, we have a supply problem.  We’ve had a market binge and now we’re going to suffer a little bit."

While the market has turned, and we agree with this agent is saying, the Ellis Team at RE/MAX Realty Group offers this advice.  "There’s always opportunity in this market, in any market.  It forces Realtors and sellers to go back to the basics.  Some sellers get amnesia and don’t remember what it was like just 4 years ago.  Some agents have only been in the business a few years and don’t know what it’s like to really market properties" said Brett Ellis.

Selling is tougher now, just like the old days.  For a few years agents were like order takers.  Now we separate the cashiers from the seasones experienced agents who know how to sell, and the results are readily apparent.  You have to work at it, spend money on advertising, and season your negotiating skills.  Brokerage fees may rise again soon as the value of a Realtor is more important than ever, and sellrs demand exposure.  Exposure isn’t free, and neither is excellence.

Newer agents are leaving the SW Florida real estate industry in droves, like it should be.  "We had too many agents there for awhile who didn’t know what they’re doing.  We still have too many, but it’s getting better.  There’s always room for good people in this business, but not much.  The startup costs are just so high now to get in and make a name for yourself, and sellers are demanding when properties sit on the market.

Fort Myers real estate will turn around one day.  Until then, sellers should hire experienced agents who have been around the block a few times and know how to price properties, and how to market them.

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