Everybody talks about Season and how it influences sales in SW Florida but few people understand the various seasons, so we’ll attempt to explain with our SW Florida Real Estate Guide to Seasonal Buyers.

SW Florida Real Estate Guide to Seasonal Buyers


  1. The 6 Monthers- These residents arrive in October and stay through end of March or so. They typically own a property here, although each year some of them think about moving into a different seasonal property. This year we’ve had several sell their local home and purchase another.
  1. Week After Christmas- These people arrive Dec 26 or thereabouts and stay through New Years. They bask in the sun and one day wonder about living in Florida. When the weather is bad, or their sunburn is crisp they call our office and want to look at property today.  Some buy, but some are just killing time and dreaming about one day.
  1. The 1 Monthers- These people rent a home or condo, possibly on the golf course, on a canal, or in a neighborhood with lots of activities and enjoy SW Florida for a month or two. They tend to be serious as they are spending more money for the rental and they can take off work for a month.  Their dream is much closer to reality and should be taken seriously as they could purchase a second home or make the move at any time.  Some will become 6 monthers and some may even relocate here.
  1. Spring Breakers- These kids don’t buy real estate but they have a good time and spend money while visiting. They’re not shoppers anytime soon.
  1. Family Spring Break- These are the families taking their kids to Florida while they’re off from school. They love Disney and the beaches, so SW Florida does very well here. Some have lots of money and keep an eye out for opportunities to move here or buy a vacation home.  Their biggest issue is family up North, so vacation homes many times win out.
  1. Foreign Visitors- SW Florida receives visitors from Germany, England, and Europe in droves. One day last year I rented a hotel at the beach and my wife and I were in the minority speaking English. I did strike up several conversations.  One couple was a pair of doctors from Europe and they just loved SW Florida.  I was amazed at how popular our beaches are over in Europe and how many visit here year round.
  1. Day Hoppers- These are people that find a cheap flight and fly down for a few days or long weekend. After a trip or two they search for property on the Internet and begin the dream process. These buyers are fairly serious and a sale could happen at anytime.  They line properties up in advance and many times our buyer specialists find the perfect property for them.
  1. The 20 Belows- These are Snowbirds suffering through another long winter. Each storm brings more visitors to our website Topagent.com until it becomes one storm too many and they say Enough! We’ve had people book the next flight out and begin shopping because they’ve had enough.  We know, 27 years ago I was a 20 Below.
  1. Relocation Buyers- These buyers jump at the chance to move to SW Florida because of an employment opportunity. These are fun and serious buyers to work with.
  2. Summer Buyers-These buyers come back after visiting or dreaming about Florida all winter as their schedules allow. Kids are out of school and they have more vacation time. Summer buyers are serious buyers. Some agents take summers off but that’s a big mistake.

Selling real estate is a year round profession.  We hope you enjoyed our analysis of shoppers.  Perhaps even some were comical.  If you’re thinking of buying or selling your piece in paradise, call the SW Florida real estate experts 230-489-4042 or search online at Topagent.com

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