Perhaps you’ve heard the story of Ozzie and Harriet. Now it’s Harriet and M5 because Ozzie suffered a terrible loss and was replaced by M15.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

Thousands of people tune in to watch the newest eaglets that are hatching on live video.  This morning one has hatched and we’re still on watch for the 2nd.  Tune in to find out why so many are watching the Southwest Florida eagle cam.  I hear on Facebook many are not sleeping and staying up to see what’s happening.

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Read the story of Ozzie who dies fighting for his love.  SW Florida was heartbroken, but life moves on.  The world has been fixated on the love affair by 3 bald eagles, Ozzie’s death after a nasty fight with M15, and new eaglets.  I guess this is life in the animal kingdom, and because of the famous Southwest Florida Eagle Cam we’ve been able to tune in and witness it all over the past few years.  And this is why this weekend is such a big event.

Let us know when you think the 2nd egg will hatch.  When will the Eagles fly?  Watch as they hatch and as their parents feed them.  Watch owls attack them and their parents protect them.  We hope you enjoy reading about the story of Ozzie, Harriet, M15, and the new eaglets.

I can’t wait until they’re named.