Several complaints have been received about kids/teens rollerblading and/or skateboarding in common areas (sidewalks, parking lots, playground, tennis courts, etc.) of the community. These activities are strictly prohibited for safety reasons and unit owners/ parents may be subject to Violation Notices and possible fines. So please be sure that your children/teens are going to a safe environment specifically designed for these activities, one of the new skate parks in Lee County. You or your kids can call the Lee County Parks and Recreation Department @ 461-7400 for in
formation about locations, hours, etc. Everyone wants the children and teens of Reflection Lakes to enjoy their leisure activities in the safest manner and environment possible.

Recently, there have been many verified violation reports of children, teens and adults on the pool decks and in the pools well past 10:00 PM. POSTED POOL HOURS are from DAWN until DUSK SEVEN (7) DAYS A WEEK and swimmina after dark is strictlv prohibited. Avoid possible Violation Notices and fines by ensuring that you, your guests, kids and teens are always safe by only allowing them to swim during posted pool hours. Also glass containers of any type are a tremendous safety hazard and not permitted under any circumstances in pool areas.