Myth:  Listing my home with a discount broker will save me money.

Truth:  Listing your home with a discount broker can actually cost you money.  This is true for a variety of reasons.  We’ll explain just a few here.  First, discount brokers advertise your home less, and their low price more.  Often, ads are designed to get more listings, not to sell your home.  Second, discount brokers actually make more money selling one of our listings than selling your home at a reduced commission.  Which home do you think they’ll be motivated to sell?  Third, your home is an asset that makes their phone ring with buyers.  Once your home sells, the asset is gone, and with it the opportunity to sell one of our listings.   The longer it takes to sell your home, the better for the discounter.  Call us for a private interview and we can discuss all the benefits of working with The Ellis Team.  We have a chart which illustrates this process we can show you in the private interview.

This is just one myth.  For a list of myths, please click on the enclosed link.  If you’d like your question answered here, please post a comment.