We’re doing something new this week for the Future of Real Estate Radio Show here in SW Florida.  This week’s special guest is Lee County Property Appraiser Ken Wilkinson, and this week we video taped the show as it was being broadcast and we’ve decided to bring it to you in video format as a test.  We’ve separated the broadcast into 6 parts so you can watch any and all parts that interest you.

Ken Wilkinson Property Appraiser Lee County Florida
Ken Wilkinson Property Appraiser Lee County Florida

Future of Real Estate July 4, 2009 Part 1

  • Cape Coral water and sewer assessments effect on valuations
  • Mass appraisal system Vs. Fee appraisal system
  • Property Appraiser must assess 604,000 properties annually
  • Chinese Drywall and it’s effect on value
  • Mold and it’s effect on value
  • Functional Obsolesence
  • Economic Obsolesence
  • Cost to cure
  • Property Appraiser assessment Vs. Property Taxes

Future of Real Estate Part 2

  • Property Appraiser assessment Vs. Property Taxes Continued
  • 92 Taxing Authorities countywide
  • Property Appraiser’s office provides analysis of market January 1 to each taxing authority
  • Taxing authorities set their tax rates
  • Truth in Millage (Trim)
  • Rollback Millage
  • Gut feeling of what politicians will do with tax rates
  • Federal stimulous money effect on taxes
  • County budget’s being evaluated
  • Property appraiser’s office being defended by County Attorney’s office beginning July 1,2009 to save money

Future of Real Estate July 4, 2009 Pt 3

  • New Technology at Property Appraiser’s office
  • AVM-Automated Valuation Models
  • Multiple Regression Analysis
  • 2D 3D Line of Sight Model
  • View and Floor Height’s effect on value

Future of Real Estate Pt 4

  • Assessed Values down in 2008
  • Pockets of fluctuation
  • North Cape and Lehigh Acres went down fastest
  • Countywide average down over 25%
  • $27 Billion Less taxable value From $110 Billion to $83 Billion
  • Lehigh Acres Ground Zero
  • 80% of sales in some neighborhoods short sales or after foreclosures sales
  • 2009 taxes reflect 2008 sales
  • Weighted sales-4th quarter
  • Department of Revenue

Future of Real Estate Pt 5

  • Tax Referendum
  • Governor Crist
  • Property tax ammendments Nov 2010
  • Recapture
  • 3% or CPI, whichever is Less
  • 2008 recapture rate .1%

Future of Real Estate Pt 6

  • Bill signing Tallahassee Florida
  • Aerial Technology to substitute visiting each property (Desktop Review)
  • Electronic Permits
  • Lee County Lowest Cost per parcel in Florida

Due to a shortage of U.S. manufactured drywall between 2004 and 2007, many builders were forced to buy drywall imported from China. The “Chinese drywall” has been linked to seeping sulfide gases that can corrode electrical wiring and components of air-conditioning and other household appliances. Some residents have been forced to move from their homes, and a few builders in Florida have begun gutting homes and replacing the drywall.

We have found some helpful information put out by the Florida Department of Health that may be help to answer some questions the public may have regarding if Chinese drywall is present in your home and what the health implications may be, as well as where to turn for help.

See Frequently Asked Questions:  Here is a sample question.

How do I know if I have “Chinese drywall”?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. The most definitive method to date is finding a “made in China” marking on the back of sheet of drywall. DOH observed some drywall in several homes with no discernable markings. The origin of the unmarked drywall is unknown. DOH observed that homes with marked Chinese drywall also contained drywall marked as made in USA. Remember that we do not know how many sheets of the suspect drywall can cause problems. DOH did observe at least one home with marked Chinese drywall with none of the associated corrosion or odor problems. The bottom line is we think the question should really be “Does my house have corrosion problems?”

How to File a Consumer Complaint: Useful information on who to contact if you’d like to file a complaint.

Case Definition and Pictures (Does My home fit the investigation criteria?)

We will continue to provide additional information and resources as they become available.  You can also listen to The Future of Real Estate each week as we bring you important information and news regarding real estate in SW Florida.