It is no secret that a buyer looking for a home is impressed by its upkeep.  And occasionally you will see a seller described in an ad like “Mr and Mrs Perfect”  or “Mr and Mrs Clean”  are moving away and offer their meticulously kept home for sale.  Buyers spring into action on these homes because sellers meticulous about cleanliness are generally meticulous about repairs as well.  And we all know most people do not live perfect.  Most sellers have a few things to do before putting their homes on the market.  This article is dedicated to those who have a few things to do.

15 Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

The Ellis Team has always passed along tips to get a home ready to sell.  Recently we had the good fortune to hire Michelle Hendren who has a strong background in property management.  Property managers are said to have “seen it all.”  Michelle contributed several of the tips.

A buyer recently shared with us that since house painting dublin recently painted the woodwork, it made the wall color pop for him.

15 Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Tip #1  If the woodwork does not need painting use fabric softener sheets to clean the woodwork.

Occasionally sellers will plan to replace a newer carpet because of a spot or stain. But why do that if you can just reach out to Carpet Cleaning Greenville sc?

Tip #2  Wet the stained area.  Spread a sufficient amount of baking soda over the affected area.  Wait.  Come back later to find the baking soda has magically lifted the stain (even nasty red stains).  Michelle mentioned that on one occasion the entire carpet was treated through Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Tampa.

Tip #3  They will think you have a green thumb.  Your plants will look healthier after you spread the used coffee grounds around them.  And bugs will take a hike because of the coffee smell.  How about that?

Have you ever had a shower door or glass in the bathroom that you had cleaned but lacked the luster of new.  You knew that it was clean but would still look scruffy to a buyer.

Tip #4  Use Turtle wax or another similar car wax.  Apply to tub, shower, tiles and doors.  Poof … a shiny bathroom as old water stains disappear.  Keep the look fresh by wiping down the shower door with baby oil.  Water will bead on the doors.

Utilizing the benefits of several different materials to provide great strength, durability and stylish looks, composite doors bristol are the new standard in door innovation and if security is important to you – you shouldn’t look anywhere else. Rock Solid Composite Doors are premium door at an affordable price.

Tip #5  Dishes and utensils will appear more sparkly clean when you place the concentrated pouch in the silverware rack and not in the door dispenser.  We got this tip from an appliance salesman.  I tried it and loved the results.  I would never have thought of it.

Tip #6   Extend the life span of washing machine and dishwasher by using liquid products.  We have been told that the powdered products are made of paper and will clog the appliances.  Who knew?

Tip #7  Freshen the smell of the appliances by running an empty cycle with 1 c fresh vinegar and adding a reed diffuser amazon item..

Tip #8  If you can smell it; you cannot sell it.  Remove the cause of any stench or smell by performing air duct cleaning.  Sometimes we all become accustomed to certain smells in our homes.  A buyer walking into your home does not want to become accustomed to a smell. This tip fits the kitchen quite nicely. This is because according to dewaard & bode, a well known appliance and mattress store, this can happen to fridges as well since they hold so many different types of foods for so long. You could always get a new one and use it as a selling point, or perform a deep cleaning of your current one. Move it from its original position to clean below and around it as well. It should make a big difference on the kitchen as a whole.

To get the rest of the Ellis Team Tips just go to  If you have a tip you’d like to share with us that we may publish in a future issue simply email me at  Let us know if we can give you credit for the tip by using your name or if you prefer your tip to be incognito.

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