2014 was another banner year by all accounts.  Year end sales numbers for SW Florida real estate market indicate a recovering market in 2014.  This makes several years in a row of double-digit or near double-digit gains.

For the record the official numbers suggest a 8.6% increase in median single family home sale prices in 2014, up from $174,000 in 2013 to $189,000 this past year.

Year End Sales Numbers for SW Florida Real Estate Market

Year End Sales Numbers for SW Florida Real Estate Market

Average sale prices rose 8.1% to $283,529.  Year end sales numbers for SW Florida real estate market are the median of the entire year and not necessarily the final December statistics.  One month sales figures can be deceiving and seasonal, so we take the entire year.

Active inventory fell 12.6% for the year, with inventory currently at 5,394 compared to 6,169 last year.  All year we’ve been telling readers we’re in a low inventory market.  Inventory has been rising the past few months but we’re still down significantly from last year.  Inventory always rises heading into season and typically peaks out in late January or sometime in February.  It’s hard to keep inventory when the sales begin popping in season.

SW Florida Real Estate Current Active Inventory January 2015

Each year we tell our sellers sales can be quiet up until about Jan 15-20, and then all heck breaks loose.  Our team has noticed a definite uptick in buyer calls.  2015 season looks to be on par with previous years.  We’re getting some good listing calls too.

We’re going to need some good listings at the rate these buyer calls are coming in.  I spoke with an agent this week at another firm who had an open house this past weekend and 25 customers came in.  Her business is picking up this week and she can’t keep up.

We’re doing an open house tour this week in Cape Coral.  We’ll have 3 homes open on Sunday.  We do our open houses a little bit different so buyers can see several like kind homes.  2 are direct access waterfront homes and the 3rd is located on a fresh water lake with gorgeous views.  Check out our ad in the News Press HomeFinder for times and locations.

If you look at the Year End Prices graph you can see where were are in the recovery process compared to the peak in 2005.  We’ve got some ways to go before we reach that plateau.  If you look closely you can see the price rise in 2014 slowed just a bit.  Nobody can say with certainty what prices will be next year.

All I know is last year we predicted another year of gains, and we should have more gains this year as most signs look good going forward.  The rate of gain may slow, and that is a good thing.  It’s unhealthy to have double digit gains year after year.  Average gains are usually 3-5% per year and we’ve been beating that.

Rising interest rates usually temper buyer buying ability.  Sometimes it spurs more activity from buyers who want to get in at lower costs.  We’ll keep our eyes on interest rates in 2015 along with some other key variables.

In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful market.  If you’re a seller, now is the time to call the Ellis Team 239-489-4042  If you’d like to search the MLS, check out www.TopAgent.com  You can search the entire MLS, or feel free to speak with one of our friendly agents.  Be sure to read all our market updates on our Blog which can be found on our website.

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Good luck and Happy House Hunting!

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Perhaps you’ve tried various search sites and gotten confused on how to search the SW Florida MLS.  As a consumer, it’s not always easy navigating search sites and knowing the lingo and field definitions of the MLS which you don’t have access to.

 Search SW Florida MLS

I came across a nifty sitemap on our website that provides shortcuts to some useful searches in the Fort Myers MLS.


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Let us know what you think.  Are these searches useful?  We can add custom searches and save the links for you.  For instance, we created a custom search for Reflection Lakes in Fort Myers

We did another one for Cape Coral Homes For Sale which displays search results for single family homes in Cape Coral without having to select more criteria.  Some people want more search options and some desire quick and easy search results.  We wish to proved you what you’re looking for.

We welcome your comments.

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Search SW Florida MLS
Search SW Florida MLS

The beautiful thing about advertising is that you’re free to choose which venues work for you.  Some people complain that newspaper advertising is dead and costly, so they quit years ago.  Others complain that Yellow Pages are dead and costly, so they quit that too.  Many brokers are in a fight to get their website ranked as highly as possible to avoid paying advertising. SW Florida Real Estate Brokers Find Buyers in new ways.

SW Florida Real Estate Brokers Find Buyers

We believe getting your website ranked highly is fantastic, and we’ve strived for that for years with good results.  In fact, we’re changing over our website right now in hopes it will achieve even higher rankings.  Mostly we want it to work for the consumer.  You can check on the progress at www.Topagent.com 

Online Advertising Report for CNN USA Today New York Times Search MLS Fort Myers

While getting ranked is important, search engines are adding more paid content to their front page, effectively squeezing out the free search results.  There are fewer and fewer spots left on front pages eaten up by paid advertising.

For those that believe newspaper advertising is dead, we can look no further than 2 weeks ago.  I wrote an article entitled “Thinking of Selling” That weekend we had over 130 sellers sign in to our website to find out the value of their home.  That’s quite a response.

People believe we’re foolish to take out full page ads in the Yellow Pages.  Yet each week we receive calls from buyers and sellers from the Yellow Pages.  Some are visiting in hotel rooms.  Others still use it at home.  The real advantage may be the online component of Yellow Pages.  Dex is a large advertiser that gets ranked on the first page of Google and Bing.  If you’re an advertiser in print, you’re an advertiser online.

The same goes with the Newspaper.  You’re not just advertising here locally as Gannett covers many papers across the US.

Our advertising philosophy can best be described as “Cornering the Market.” We use print, TV, Internet, radio, mail outs, etc.

The Ellis Team advertises our listings online in sites like USA Today, CNN, Trulia, New York Times, Fox News, and many more.  Relying on search engines is great if you’re looking to pick up a few buyers here and there on the cheap, but if you really want to market your seller’s property it’s worth spending money to reach buyers everywhere.

Advertising isn’t expensive if it works.  The newspaper still works.  It costs money, but if you’re consistent and don’t try to cram too much into a small ad it’s effective.  Yellow Pages work.  Radio, TV, Internet; they all work.  The trick is learning what’s effective.  Certain ads work.  You can’t blame the advertising medium if you post a crappy ad and nobody calls.

So when you hear an agent say they don’t advertise in the newspaper, or Yellow Pages, or whatever because it costs too much, ask yourself this question “If I buy a cheap cup of coffee and it tastes bad, did I really save anything by buying cheap coffee?”

When you’re interviewing real estate agents you have to ask pointed questions about where your home will be advertised and how often.  It’s not rude.  It’s your home and you’re paying the commission.  If the commission includes advertising it pays to find out how much exposure your home will have versus other brokers.  Many sellers assume all agents are the same when in reality brokers advertise differently.  The brokers who advertise more may be better negotiators too because they’re spending more money on your home and they need to be.

If you have a home you’re considering selling in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Ft Myers Beach or anywhere in Lee County Florida, give us a call. 239-489-4042 or visit our website www.Topagent.com

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