Why sell the traditional way when you could sell your home for thousands more? That is the question many home sellers are asking.

Why Sell The Traditional Way

Most Realtors use passive marketing.  They list a home, put a sign up, place it in MLS, and wait for people to respond. A few will even take out ads, but they are not targeted.  It is a lot like placing bait in the water and waiting to see if a fish comes along and bites. The worst thing is, they’re not 100% sure the fish are even there, or if they’re biting today.

Breakthrough Technology

 The Ellis Team has a system to identify and target almost all the potential buyers for your home within 3-4 days. By doing so, the home doesn’t have to sit on the market week after week while buyers begin to wonder what is wrong with the home. Buyers know that other buyers have seen the home and rejected it, so something must be wrong.

Our system eliminates the two price depressing problems facing sellers today. As inventory grows and homes linger on the market, this strategy becomes more important.

Studies have shown that this new program sells homes from 8.4 to 12% higher than the MLS median price, as confirmed by 6 independent studies.

How Does it Work?

So how does the program work?  Essentially everything you thought you knew about selling is thrown out the window. There is a reason big companies like Apple sell out new products instantly. It is because they understand how consumers think, and they bring products to market accordingly. Their products are not designed to sit on store shelves for months hoping a consumer will come along and choose to buy it.

The Ellis Team has been selling homes this new way for a while, and the results have been amazing. Sure, our team did very well selling homes the traditional way because we out worked, out marketed, and hustled our way to the top. We didn’t consider ourselves traditional because our results stood for themselves, and we did things nobody else did.

Why Sell The Traditional Way When There is a Better Way?

When we looked at this new system, we realized there were some things we could do to improve, and if we did that, our sellers would benefit even more. Since implementing the system our sellers have sold even faster and for more money. The system works.

Not only does the system sell homes for more money, but it also saves money later in the inspection process. Buyers are glad they were able to get a nice home and the sellers are happy that they didn’t leave money on the table. And everyone is happy because the process goes fast.

Real World Example

Earlier this year we had a seller who bought another home out of state. They had 30 days to sell their home to come up with the down payment and financing to complete that other sale. Their out of state agent referred them to us and said I know this is almost impossible, but they just bought a home, and they need their sold fast. Can you help?

I said no problem, our system is designed to sell homes fast and for top dollar. We priced the home higher than the comparables and we sold it for cash quickly. It closed on time and the sellers had days to spare in their new home. Our system identified multiple qualified and motivated buyers for their home. The other Realtor was truly amazed as well.


Wouldn’t it be easier to fish if you knew exactly where the fish were, at what depth to place the bait, and what time of day they would be hungry? Of course it would. This new breakthrough technology and home selling system helps with all of this, and the results are amazing.

If you have a home to sell, call Brett or Sande Ellis at 239-310-6500 or visit My Home Sold in 8 Days and we’ll be glad to meet with you and help you with your situation. We love helping people and seeing the smile on their faces when we pleasantly surprise them with results.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

The Lee County 7-day real time market activity report shows some interesting facts. This report gives us clues as to how the market is doing in real-time, so let’s take a deeper dive into the data.

7-Day Real Time Market Activity Report Lee County

New listings outpaced new pending sales by 7. If we add back the 91 back on the market listings the numbers grow to 98. There were also 49 extended listings. 47 listings terminated and 57 expired. Our internal research shows that the MLS added about 50 listings net to the inventory supply in the last week.

The differential between active listings and total pendings has expanded to 1,432 single family homes. This number is the largest number we’ve seen since February 7th.

Technical Analysis

The next breakthrough number we are tracking is the Ellis Team Current Market Index. This index is published internally and used with our clients. It is on the rise again, and we are watching to see if it crosses the Mar 21st data point. If it does, we have a pretty good idea of where it’s headed based on technical analysis.

The other data point we are looking at is the price reductions. Even though we had more new listings come on the market than new pendings, we had more price reductions than new listings. This tells us sellers are recognizing the market and reacting to changes. Sellers are searching for that price point that will make their home sell in today’s market.

Comparative Market Analysis

The problem with the comparative market analysis is it tells you where the market has been, but not always where the market is going. It is important to look at past sales. Past sales will influence the appraised value, but not necessarily determine today’s value.

How Buyers Shop

Buyers do not look at closed home sales when shopping for a home. Think about when you are shopping for an item, either in store, or online. You tend to check on what you could buy it for now. You have no way to see what an item was selling for last month.

The Ellis Team has identified new metrics when pricing homes. Yes, the home must appraise in many cases. However, pricing homes based upon the past may not always be the best idea either.  We have a new form that shows sellers another way of looking at the value, and our sellers find it useful.

8-Day Sale

The Ellis Team also has a program to sell a home in 8 days. The number one complaint we hear from sellers is keeping the home nice for showing after showing for months on end. Our program identifies the best buyers for your home in 3 to 4 days with technology, then we market to those buyers. While not every listing sells in 8 days, we utilize a different strategy to sell your home along with several probability increasers. We can tell you more about those when we meet.

Watching sellers reduce their price numerous times is never fun. When a home sells in 8 days price reductions become unnecessary and sellers typically sell their home for more money. In fact, 6 independent studies show that this program sells homes for 8.4-12% higher than average MLS sales. We have the validation letter.

If you have a property to sell in SW Florida, call Brett Ellis or Sande Ellis at 239-310-6500 We will be happy to show you the latest market statistics along with the Ellis Team Current Market Index numbers and show you the 8-day sale program.

If you’re not ready to sell your home yet and are just curious about prices, check out www.SWFLhomevalues.com It’s a great way to get your home’s value every month quickly and for Free.

When you have real estate questions, Always Call the Ellis Team at Keller Williams Realty! Good luck, and Happy Selling! We hop you find this 7-day real time market activity report useful.

We have fresh residential SW Florida residential inventory supply numbers to report for April 2023. The overall single family inventory supply stands at 3.03 months, up from 2.81 months in February.

Each week we evaluate inventory supply numbers, and we’ve reported how they have been going up since last year. For instance, on April 12th of 2022 Lee County had 1,337 single family homes on the market. In 2023 we have 3,740. That is a 179.73% increase in inventory in one year.

SW Florida Residential Inventory Supply Gains by Price Range

We like to break it down by price range. Where we see the most inventory gains are in the higher price ranges. The $400-$600k price range increased from 2.82 months in February to 3.38 months currently. Even more gains can be seen in the $600k-$1 million price range which increased from 3.27 months in February to 4.20 months now. That is almost a one-month gain in inventory.

SW Florida Residential Inventory Supply by Price Range

The $1 million + market did gain a full month in inventory going from 5.35 months in February to 6.35 months now. The $200k-$300k markets lost inventory in the past two months, while the $100k-$200k markets gained slightly.

Rising inventory underscores the need to do two things to achieve success when selling. A home should be properly priced to attract all the buyers for a home, and it should be marketed to all those potential buyers.  Let me explain further.

When a home is overpriced, it is not reaching the true buyers for that home. The home attracts higher priced buyers whom after investigating the home are disappointed because the home does not measure up to other similarly priced homes they are looking at. The higher priced buyers balk at the home and make offers on other homes that offer more of what they are looking for.

The true buyer for the home never sees the home because it isn’t on their radar. It is over their price range, so they do not even see the home on their search. It might as well be invisible.

TV Guide

Think of it like a TV Guide. You can choose to see all channels, or just the ones you are subscribed to. Let’s say Comcast or DirectTv offer 1,200 channels but you subscribe to 140. Most people don’t want to waste time searching through channels they can never watch. It is not only frustrating but time consuming to do over and over every time you want to see something. The same is true when searching for homes. It is frustrating to see homes you can never afford when you are seriously looking to purchase. The serious buyers do not want to waste their time. The casual lookers don’t mind wasting their time, or yours. They aren’t going to buy anyway, they’re just looking to see what’s out there killing time.

Market to Every Buyer

Secondly, once you’ve identified true buyers for your home, you must market to them. Fortunately, our company has developed a new form of marketing that leverages online technology to identify the best potential buyers for any home in America in just 72 hours. Once we’ve identified the best buyers for your home, we can create a competitive environment which validates your home’s desirability. Identifying buyers quickly keeps your home from sitting on the market for months causing buyers to think it’s overpriced.

Sell in 8 Days

Sellers love the program because we can sell most homes in 8 days or less. It’s no fun having your home on the market for months, keeping your home clean everyday for showings, and reducing your price while your neighbors sell their home. Our program sells homes for thousands more than the traditional way of selling, and it’s fast. To learn more, simply call 239-444-8150 or visit www.MyHomeSoldin8Days.com

We have a program to sell your home in 8 days for thousands more than the traditional way. Local agents didn’t understand the program, and neither did we until we researched it.

Sell Your Home in 8 Days

72SOLD is a company in Arizona that changed how real estate was sold in that state. The program was so successful that other companies started noticing. And yet, they couldn’t quite understand how they were doing it.

The Ellis Team are Regional Directors with 72SOLD

We were elated when we found out Keller Williams partnered with 72Sold to bring the program national. Immediately we signed up for the training, and we were blown away at the potential. We spoke with many of our Arizona agent friends who personally witnessed the amazing results.

After training for several months, the Ellis Team began using the program. I personally have used the program 7 times. 6 of the 7 homes sold within 2 weeks, and most within 8 days. One listing did take a little longer. The sellers were amazed at how much we got for their home, and how quickly it sold.

Sellers really appreciated the process. Many didn’t want to show the home for months on end, and they appreciated getting Top Dollar while selling quickly. When we sit down and show the program to sellers, they wonder why everyone doesn’t sell their home this way. The 72SOLD program really changes the way real estate is sold. The Ellis Team is grateful we can offer this program.

We still have the option to sell your home the traditional way. In most cases, sellers choose the new way. We knew the results in Arizona were good, but would this work in Florida? After using the system, we can say we love the results.

What the Program is Not

Can we tell you what the program is not? It is not a guarantee that if you list your home it will sell in 8 days for double or triple what the market will pay. There are selling techniques we as agents must follow, and of course there are market conditions we must consider.  The program is filled with probability increasers, so using each technique increases your chances of selling. If we use all of them, the results speak for themselves. In fact, three independent studies have shown that homes using this program sell for 8.4%-12% higher than the MLS average and faster.

Unsatisfied in the Past

Perhaps you’ve sold homes in the past and you weren’t entirely satisfied with the process. Maybe you tried to sell your current home and failed. Perhaps you’d like to sell your current home but don’t want to pay high fees and get the same results everyone else in the neighborhood has gotten.

If you’d like to make a move, we should talk. We may be able to shorten the process of selling your home for you, and get you Top Dollar too. We have several local home sellers that have tried it and wouldn’t sell any other way. Let’s have a conversation and see if we can help you too.

Give Sande Ellis or Brett Ellis a call at 239-310-6500 and find out what we can sell your home for. Or visit www.MyHomeSoldin8Days.com We can sell your home now or wait for a time that’s better for you. The program works in all markets, good and bad. The program was built before the multiple offer market and has evolved since then. Each week we meet 3 times per week on a national call and implement new proven changes to the program. We are learning based and continue to tweak the program, and having thousands of transactions each quarter helps us learn and improve together.

Put the power of Keller Williams, the Ellis Team, and the 72SOLD program to work for you! We look forward to having a conversation with you.

Good luck, and Happy Selling!

Residential Listing Inventory Triples

SW Florida residential  listing inventory triples in past 11 months. On February 15, 2022 we had 1,106 single family homes on the market. This week we had 3,336 in Lee County.

Residential Listing Inventory Triples

On the condo side Lee County had 297 on the market on February 15th, 2022. This past week MLS shows 1,166. Which is approaching 4 times the inventory from last year.

condo listing inventory SW Florida

Uptick in Pending Sales

Home prices have stalled, although we have noticed an uptick in pending sales. This week, total pending sales which includes pendings and pending contingent stood at 1,469 for single family homes. Pending sales have been falling mightily until this week. To give you an idea, total pending sales were 2,726 last April when we began tracking them weekly.

Tracking this information weekly has helped us spot trends sooner since the official numbers are always a month behind.

It appears each time there is a dip in rates pending sales seem to tick upwards. In the past 2 months we’ve seen rates decline from 7% plus to around 6.3% The mortgage market is tied less to what the Fed is doing and more so to how the bond market is reacting. The bond market is telling us we’re going to be in recession and the Fed has over tightened.

Future Rates

One Fed governor is signaling a 25 basis point hike in February while another is signaling a 50 basis point hike. The only difference between the two is one would like to raise faster and hold and the other would like to go slower and take an extra month to get to the 50 basis point hike. Going slower would allow another month to evaluate data and see if they could stop at the 25-basis point hike.

What this means is long term interest rates should hold steady. They could rise a bit, and they could fall some because the bond market realizes the Fed is about done raising rates.

We see continued inventory hitting the market. We could see rising demand if interest rates fall any further. If we could get rates down to about 5.5% we believe many more people would sell their home and move. If this happens, inventory would rise but so too would buyer demand.

Inventory levels are still at decent levels. We wouldn’t want them to triple again as that would be price depressing. Already we have seen prices top out in 2022 and head lower. Prices will be determined by interest rates. Rates will help determine demand, and in a reverse kind of way, supply.

Lower Rates May Lead to More Supply

The reason we say reverse is many people didn’t want to sell because they have locked in at a low rate. If they sell, they must purchase again at a higher rate. When rates come down, it will increase buyer demand, but it may also increase supply.

We should have fresh official numbers out next week for both September and year end averages. We believe we are about 2 months away from reporting flat or declining prices year over year. We don’t make the averages; we only report them. We work on getting our sellers Top Dollar, but it pays to know what the market is doing.

View All Offers in 8 Days

We have a plan to generate all offers on your home within 8 days. Call Brett or Sande Ellis at 239-444-8150 to find out how we generate offers and higher prices when inventory is on the rise. You’ll know fast and avoid costly price reductions by having your home on the market for a long time.

Good Luck and Happy Selling!

72Sold arrives in SW Florida and everybody is asking what it is. This past week people watched the TV ads from the NFL as well as the national morning shows and the national evening news. People are seeing it on social media and almost everywhere it seems.

72SOLD Arrives in SW Florida

72SOLD Arrives in SW Florida

In a nutshell, 72SOLD is a new better way to sell homes versus the traditional way, but it’s not exactly new. 72Sold is a company that dominates the Arizona market after starting there about 5 years ago. The company identified two major problems harming home sellers who sell the traditional way and 72SOLD solved these two issues.

According to multiple independent studies, 72SOLD averages 8.4%-12% higher sales than the MLS. How do they do this?  After studying the program for the past 6 months we know why. Let’s put this in perspective.

New Way Versus Traditional Selling

The Ellis Team at Keller Williams has been leaders in SW Florida real estate for 30+ years. We have been voted Best in Real Estate by News Press readers for 9+ years. So why would we switch the way we do things when obviously our marketing helps sellers sell faster and for more money? The answer is, we found a better way and we’re not afraid to admit it.

It would be easy for a Top company to turn a blind eye to new ideas. Ego can shield you from the best ideas if you let it. We are proud to say we didn’t let ego get in the way of improving our service to our clients.

The Process

After viewing your home, we sit down with sellers and show them the new program. When sellers see how the program works, instantly they are amazed and wonder why nobody has come up with this before. The program is not a gimmick. It is not a slogan or fancy marketing just to get in the door, gain the listing, and sell like everybody else. 72SOLD is a legitimate system to sell homes fast and for higher prices.

72SOLD has partnered with Keller Williams to bring this system nationwide. The Ellis Team works for Keller Williams Realty right here in SW Florida and is a licensed 72SOLD affiliate, meaning we have been trained and certified to bring you this amazing program. Brett and Sande are the area Directors for 72SOLD. When you list your home with us, you are listing with Keller Williams and getting the new better way 72SOLD system in addition to us. It is the best of both worlds.

Other Keller Williams agents may offer the system in the future, so be sure to ask for the Ellis Team, or call 239-444-8150 In 15 minutes we’ll verify your home and give you your price.

72SOLD became famous for delivering fast sales and high prices before the real estate boom, so this isn’t a technique from a market that has since passed. Because the system works in all kinds of markets, it’s perfect for a shifting market like we are now experiencing.

Do I have to Sell My Home Fast?

You can sell your home whenever you like. We have a sheet that asks what the ideal sale would look like for you along with timing. The program accounts for your timeframe. If you’re thinking of selling, give Brett or Sande a call. After viewing the program, you’ll wonder why anybody would ever sell the traditional way again.

72SOLD has over 1,500 5-star Google reviews. The program works. Listing your home with a new better way to sell homes partnered with the Top-Rated Agents in SW Florida according to our own 5-star reviews and News Press readers is a winning formula.  Call us today. 239-444-8150

 Good luck and Happy Selling!

Benefits of 72SOLD and Ellis Team

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