The Ellis Team has been hard at work producing some fun real estate marketing videos people would like to watch. Sure, when you’re interested in a specific property you’re going to watch a video on that home, and maybe similar homes.

Many people enjoy market update videos as well, and we’ve got those. One thing we find is that people also want to be entertained. I know I’ve been stuck down the video rabbit-hole watching suggested videos for what seems like hours. The intrigue is you never know what you’re going to see next.

Fun Real Estate Marketing Videos

Our goal is to step up our video marketing game, and we’ve produced some fun videos we think you’ll enjoy. The first video this past week was a suspicious activity report we received in one of Fort Myers neighborhoods. We sent out a reporter to investigate, and I think they found out what the commotion was about.

Fun Real Estate Marketing Videos

Another video shows a charming waterfront home in Matlacha just minutes to big water and championship fishing.


The next video shows two Ellis Team agents previewing a new listing for an upcoming open house and what happens next is unbelievable. We won’t spoil the ending, so let’s just say everyone is surprised, even our two agents. They’d never seen or experienced anything like it, and you’ll get to see it for yourself.

Of course, we have some bloopers, but you’ll have to wait for those. We think this past week’s videos will be entertaining enough, and we can’t wait to bring you some bloopers soon enough.

Where to View

How can you view these videos? We have several ways.



Instagram  ellis_team-fl

We don’t always post the same videos on each service, but this week we plan to. I used to think the best teachers were the ones that made class interesting. We feel the same way about video. Our team strives to make fun real estate marketing videos because we like to have fun, and it shows. We also love to inform.

If you’ve got questions, chances are we’ve got a video that may help. Of course, the videos are no substitute for speaking with Sande, Brett, or a member of our team. We enjoy dealing with people, and we know sometimes people want answers without having to speak to someone.

Between our real estate video, our online property valuation tool, our MLS property search, and our Blog where we have thousands of articles, we think you can find the answers you’re looking for. And if you’d like to speak with us, we’d be even happier.

When the time comes to buy or sell real estate in SW Florida, or anywhere in the country, we hope you’ll think of us. Simple call us at 239-310-6500 When you just want to search on your own for homes or advice, we’ve got you covered there too.

Big Changes Coming

We’ve got some big changes coming in the real estate industry. Many people don’t know that they will have to hire a real estate agent and enter into an agreement with an agent before seeing homes. These changes are coming in the next month, and they will not be optional. There are a few exceptions, and we plan to produce some videos explaining the new rules, the new forms that will be required, and the few exceptions. August 17th is the absolute deadline, but some MLS changes will occur on August 1st.

Knowledge and Experience will matter now more than ever before. Don’t settle for a real estate agent.  Hire a real estate professional who knows how to work in the new environment. Some buyers and sellers are going to be very happy, and some will be frustrated. The agent you hire will make all the difference.

Good Luck, and Happy House Hunting!

Ellis Team Weekend Open Houses

Open House Saturday 12-3 PM

10813 Dennington Rd Fort Myers, FL 33913

10813 Dennington Road
Gated Community

Open House Sunday 12-3 PM

5407 Parker Dr Fort Myers, FL 33919

5407 Parker Dr Fort Myers FL 33919
Between McGregor and River



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