Why sell the traditional way when you could sell your home for thousands more? That is the question many home sellers are asking.

Why Sell The Traditional Way

Most Realtors use passive marketing.  They list a home, put a sign up, place it in MLS, and wait for people to respond. A few will even take out ads, but they are not targeted.  It is a lot like placing bait in the water and waiting to see if a fish comes along and bites. The worst thing is, they’re not 100% sure the fish are even there, or if they’re biting today.

Breakthrough Technology

 The Ellis Team has a system to identify and target almost all the potential buyers for your home within 3-4 days. By doing so, the home doesn’t have to sit on the market week after week while buyers begin to wonder what is wrong with the home. Buyers know that other buyers have seen the home and rejected it, so something must be wrong.

Our system eliminates the two price depressing problems facing sellers today. As inventory grows and homes linger on the market, this strategy becomes more important.

Studies have shown that this new program sells homes from 8.4 to 12% higher than the MLS median price, as confirmed by 6 independent studies.

How Does it Work?

So how does the program work?  Essentially everything you thought you knew about selling is thrown out the window. There is a reason big companies like Apple sell out new products instantly. It is because they understand how consumers think, and they bring products to market accordingly. Their products are not designed to sit on store shelves for months hoping a consumer will come along and choose to buy it.

The Ellis Team has been selling homes this new way for a while, and the results have been amazing. Sure, our team did very well selling homes the traditional way because we out worked, out marketed, and hustled our way to the top. We didn’t consider ourselves traditional because our results stood for themselves, and we did things nobody else did.

Why Sell The Traditional Way When There is a Better Way?

When we looked at this new system, we realized there were some things we could do to improve, and if we did that, our sellers would benefit even more. Since implementing the system our sellers have sold even faster and for more money. The system works.

Not only does the system sell homes for more money, but it also saves money later in the inspection process. Buyers are glad they were able to get a nice home and the sellers are happy that they didn’t leave money on the table. And everyone is happy because the process goes fast.

Real World Example

Earlier this year we had a seller who bought another home out of state. They had 30 days to sell their home to come up with the down payment and financing to complete that other sale. Their out of state agent referred them to us and said I know this is almost impossible, but they just bought a home, and they need their sold fast. Can you help?

I said no problem, our system is designed to sell homes fast and for top dollar. We priced the home higher than the comparables and we sold it for cash quickly. It closed on time and the sellers had days to spare in their new home. Our system identified multiple qualified and motivated buyers for their home. The other Realtor was truly amazed as well.


Wouldn’t it be easier to fish if you knew exactly where the fish were, at what depth to place the bait, and what time of day they would be hungry? Of course it would. This new breakthrough technology and home selling system helps with all of this, and the results are amazing.

If you have a home to sell, call Brett or Sande Ellis at 239-310-6500 or visit My Home Sold in 8 Days and we’ll be glad to meet with you and help you with your situation. We love helping people and seeing the smile on their faces when we pleasantly surprise them with results.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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