It’s Independence Day here in SW Florida and across the great United States so it’s time to celebrate. What a great country we live in. Local sellers are rejoicing as well as new reports show more homeowners celebrate their independence from their underwater mortgage.

For years homeowners were trapped in their home because they owed too much money to sell it. Inventory is limited across the country because of it. In fact, it’s causing an affordability crisis in many lower end neighborhoods because they are 3 times more likely to be underwater as homes in the top third. Buyers are having a hard time finding an affordable home in these areas.

More Homeowners Celebrate Their Independence From Their Home

Here in SW Florida we have an inventory shortage. The good news is many that were underwater could sell now when they choose to. They are no longer trapped in a home they don’t need or a mortgage that’s tough to afford.

More Homeowners Celebrate Their Independence From Their Home

As you can see from the Home Prices graph media sale prices have increased 145.48% since January 2011. That’s just what the doctor ordered for many sellers. Our prices were over-valued but they fell too far and too fast. Our market has healed and the economy is doing better in Florida than the rest of the country.

We wrote last year that one of the final steps to a healing housing market would be an increase in financed sales. We’ve written on this many times. If you really care to research search the term cash sales on our Blog.

Cash Sales in SW Florida

Cash sales are at their lowest point since the downturn. This means an infusion of capital and confidence has come back into the market. Cash buyers were never going to propel this market to a normal healthy level. Cash buyers were limited, and many wanted a good deal when the market was down. They didn’t want to overpay.

Today it’s different. With inventory so low sometimes cash is King, but the difference is they have to pay market value even with cash to compete against all the other buyers. Several years ago we had multiple offers, but only because they were basement prices. Today we have multiple offers from end users who want the property to enjoy, not just flip.

Banks have become more confident in home values, appraisals, and lending again. Banks were gun-shy too, but now real estate is seen as a solid investment. Depending on how things turn out with Greece, Puerto Rico, and the Euro, hard assets may become king again and there may be a flight from stocks to real estate again.

If you’d like to search for your piece of paradise here in SW Florida check out It has all the listings and it’s fun and easy to search. You can even find out how much your home is worth there too.

Making a move is a complicated process. Talking to a Realtor who understands the process and what it takes to sell a home so you can buy another one is Gold. We are experienced and we can help you. It’s just communication and working through your needs and finding solutions.

If you’d like to speak with us, call us at 239-489-4042 or send us an email You can always use our website too and we can get back in touch with you.

Enjoy your weekend and celebrate your Independence, both as a country and possibly as a homeowner.

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