Short sales are the new buzz words in real estate for the past year or two, and there are certain things you need to know to be able to accomplish this task.  Short sales are an excellent way to purchase a property at or below today’s fair market value, and you need to work with an agent that thoroughly understands this process.

On this past weeks radio show we invited two experts from Countrywide Home Loans to explain the Best way to purchase these properties.  Countrywide is the nation’s largest lender, and is being proactive so that they don’t have to foreclose on these properties.

Last year Countrywide foreclosed on 7,000 properties nationwide, and already this year 25,000 are in foreclosure.  They don’t want anymore.

If you wish to buy or sell using this process, there are some important things your agent needs to know, so make sure you’re working with an agent who knows the systems and the regulations, otherwise buyer will miss out on a good deal and seller could lose home to foreclosure.

Listen to this week’s show online to hear more about the process.  Click on November 3, 2007 Show.

For those interested in consistently buying real estate in SW Florida below market value, call our office to signup for our next short sale seminar next week.

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