Reflection Lakes annual meeting will be April 11th at the clubhouse at 5:30  A number of important issues will be discussed and voted on.  At issue will be changing the number to reach a quorum, generator use, leases, signs, gates, voting rights and more.  Be sure to attend or send someone with your proxy.

NEXT MEETING: ANNUAL MEETING–April 10, 2006, 6:30 PM at the offices of Hayden & Associates–8359 Beacon Blvd. Protocol discussed on how it will be set up & run. There will be a list available of delinquent assessment homeowners who will not be permitted to take part. Everyone will sign in and indicate if they would like to take the floor to address the BOD.

Marquee En VIlle in Sarasota Florida is offering Ellis Team clients who mention they are working with us a $40,000 cash credit to buyer at closing as part of their close-out package.

As Top Agents in the state of Florida, we often hear about special pricing and offers the public never hears about.  Please be sure to mention you arre working with the Ellis Team at RE/MAX Realty Group, or call our office at 800-860-4042 for more information.

Tomorrow local hispanics from all over SW FLorida plan to march in protest of the new immigration bill going through Congress.  The bill is hung up now on technicalities but is expected to be voted on after the Easter break.  Hispanics are a large part of our economy and their presence matters a great deal in SW Florida.

Here are details on the parade route.  Police are planning on opposition to the march.  Read News Press Story on Opposition.  The immigration march has been heavily publicized.

Many local Hispanic businesses are actually shutting down for the day.  The impact from such a shutdown is yet to be known.

The Florida Association of Realtors reported home sales for Florida today. They reported a 9% slowdown in single family homes for the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area and a 44% slowdown in condo sales from February 2005. Single family home sales were down 9% from January 2006, and median price was down 2.54% from January 2006.

Condo sales were down 44% from February figures last year as mentioned above. Condo sales were down 14% from January 2006 numbers as well. Median price was actually up 12.78% over January 2006 numbers.

The Ellis Team at RE/MAX Realty Group has reported an increase in sales over last year. This is partially due to a "Flight to Quality" when the market conditions change. Consumers are no longer willing to settle for an agent or company who is perhaps the lowest price. Sellers are demanding more service, more advertising, and better negotiating skills, and just won’t settle for less. Sellers realize in a Hot market they could attempt to go with an agent who provided less services, because if the first deal fell through, there were other buyers waiting.

This isn’t true anymore. Sellers want aggressive marketing. They realize inventory has risen, and buyers now have choices. They want to be first in line, not at the back of the line. This is why pricing, and the choice of the Listing agent becomes crucial. It really does matter who you list your home with, what services they will provide, and what counseling you will get. The expertise you receive from a seasoned experienced agent varies vastly than from soomeone who hasn’t been in the business long enough to see up, down, and sideways housing cycles.

We’ll provide some of these differences in a subsequent post.