Benefits of Working with a Team in Real Estate

Benefits of Working with a Team in Real Estate
The Ellis Team Works as a Team
Years ago we were the first to predict top agents would form teams similar to a baseball team to take better care of their customers. We fielded a team of Realtors because just as the pitcher cannot be expected to catch a high fly ball to center field, a Realtor cannot be at a listing appointment, install a sign, write newspaper ads, take pictures, show property to buyers and present an offer all at the same time.
Brett and Sande concentrate on pricing the homes properly (comparative market analysis) for the listing. We also negotiate the offers. Perhaps this is why our listings sell faster and for more money.  We price them correctly and we negotiate well.
Buyers must see property on their time – days off,  or after work,  golf or boating.  Buyer Specialists are available for the buyer seven days a week. They are experienced, knowledgeable and fun to work with.  Thinking of buying or selling? Interview teams and single agents to see which best fits your particular needs.
We have full-time staff to help as well.  Dale Peck is our marketing manager and he corrects all our photos digitally and makes our homes look good.  We produce videos in-house, as well as our newspaper ads, yellow page ads, and more.  If we want something change, we collaborate in-house and make it happen.
Ashley Johnson is our closing coordinator.  She stays on top of our closings and coordinates with other agents, the banks, title companies, lawyers, appraisers, home inspectors, etc.  We keep our closings on track.  It’s hard enough to sell a home the first time, so we’d just as soon close it the first time too.  We don’t want details slipping through the cracks.  This can easily happen if you’re a single agent doing everything.
Vickie Frierson is our Listings Manager.  She stays on top of your listing and keeps everyone informed.  Communication is Big on the Ellis Team.  Vicki obtains feedback on showings, notifies our sellers when and where they property is advertised, and checks on the properties.  We want to make our homes show well online and in person, and Vicki keeps the process moving right along.
Hopefully after dealing with the Ellis Team you too will realize there are benefits of working with a team in real estate.

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By Brett Ellis

RE/MAX Realty Group – Ellis Team

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