We thought we’d try something new, so we just filmed a short video explaining what is happening in the local Fort Myers real estate market.   If viewers like it, we could do something like this weekly.  The video is not anything special and certainly not broadcast quality.  It was done on the fly with a small digital camera as more of a test to see how it would turn out, and if viewers would like it.  We don’t like the sound quality although it is certainly legible.  Upon further review we did find it is much better when you select watch in high quality.  This video is presented by The Ellis Team, RE/MAX Realty Group in Fort Myers Florida

Send us your thoughts on the idea in a comment, either on this blog or directly in the video and we’ll make changes as necessary.  If nothing else it was a fun idea with potential.

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One thought on “Fort Myers Real Estate Video Feature Update

  1. Great video, thank you! Why don’t you include the Naples area in your reports? It’s nice to see the market is moving with sales. I’m a soon to be seller, but I’m just waiting for the market to pick up some more. I live in Estero (Breckenridge).


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