Have you been trying to get financing on a property only to find out you can’t qualify? Do you not have money for a downpayment? No money for closing cost? Do you have a low credit score? Bankruptcy? Collections? Do you live in southwest florida and want to purchase before prices go back up?

FHA is an AWESOME program that enables alot of flexiblity for borrowers. FHA in Southwest / Lee County florida has a loan limit of 356,250! This is BELOW the median home price which is truly amazing! Previously FHA loan limits in SWFL were at 270,750, which made it difficult in many cases to purchase with little money down.

FHA will allow a seller to contribute up to 9% towards the buyers closing cost. How about 3% for closing cost, 3% for a down payment and then another 3% for buying the rate down!

Many individuals do not realize that FHA is NOT credit score driven. It looks at the entire picture of an individual. Yes, you could have collections or a lower credit score and still get qualified. If for some reason you do not qualify, I can help individuals in establishing credit so they may purchase in the near future.

FHA offers interest rates that are at or below what a 30 year conforming fixed may be at and offers a lower mortgage insurance payment.

Please call for a confidential consultation. I can be reached 7 days a week at 239-677-7250.

The Ellis Team Real Estate Office has many foreclosure properties right now. Many of these properties have never been lived in and meet all the guidelines for an FHA loan.

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